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WAF for eCommerce

Layers of Defense: YOTTAA’s Web Application Firewall

Because of its transactional nature, eCommerce is traditionally an industry targeted for cyber-attacks. With new threats occurring every day, security has become a massive challenge for eCommerce sites. Bots, DDoS (distributed denial of service), and other security attacks increase cart abandonment, negatively impact shopper experience, and decrease conversions. YOTTAA’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects eCommerce sites by monitoring and filtering HTTP traffic between the web application and the internet. 

How does a WAF work? 

YOTTAA’s WAF, along with other capabilities in our product suite, enables retailers to maintain multiple layers of defense against a wide range of cyber-attack vectors. 

This includes: 

  • Blocking unwanted web traffic from accessing your site. 
  • Protection against DDoS attacks. 
  • Protection against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery and other bad actors. 
  • Integration with PerimeterX bot detection software to help prevent malicious bots from entering the system.  

YOTTAA’s WAF deploys multiple security rulesets in learn mode, allowing users to analyze and fix any discrepancies before the rules go live. The WAF also sets rules based on business profiles, to secure every unique environment based on device, browser, location, and more. It also guards against credential stuffing, account takeovers, and page scraping through advanced bot detection and mitigation. 

YOTTAA’s WAF is fault-tolerant, scalable, and highly available. It can handle the heaviest traffic even during the holiday rush, processing millions of requests. 

Continuous Cyber-Attack protection 

The continuous protection that a WAF provides does not only protect customers—it can also save businesses from costly lawsuits and remediation efforts. YOTTAA’s WAF also improves your overall site performance through advanced caching mechanisms. All this adds up to a cleaner, faster site.  

The internet is a more dangerous place than ever, as scammers and malicious actors have increased their activity over the past year. Everyone is a potential target if their site infrastructure does not have layers of defense in place. Strong passwords and SSL certificates are no longer enough to protect modern eCommerce businesses.  

Contact us to learn more about speeding up and protecting your site.  

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