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Solution Sheet


Did you know that browser services endanger shopper data? 

eCommerce sites are a major target for cyber attacks due to the transactional nature of the data they collect. These sites are essentially an open platform, and every host, JavaScript tag, and line of code is an opportunity for security issues. Malicious code can be injected via tag managers, source code, 3rd, 4th, and 5th parties, and browser plugins. Once external code is injected onto your site, it has full access to everything. 

Discovering code injections, unwanted services, or anything else suspicious can be difficult, as code never stops changing. That’s where SERVICE CTRL comes in. 

Yottaa’s SERVICE CTRL is an easy-to-install governance solution purpose-built to control browser services on eCommerce sites, protect and mitigate attacks (such as Magecart, code injections, and form-jacking), while providing in-depth, real-time analytics and AI-based service alerts.

Check out this breakdown of SERVICE CTRL’s rich functionalities and learn how this tool can enable your eCommerce brand to control the execution of all browser services and provide a layer of defense while enhancing brand security posture to protect shopper data.