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Is Yottaa a CDN for eCommerce?

Yes, YOTTAA’s optional Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to optimize dynamic web applications to maximize desktop and mobile shopper experiences. YOTTAA can also co-exist with your current CDN to optimize the loading of all digital elements in the browser and speed up all your pages by up to 60%..

YOTTAA delivers an open, cloud-native platform that provides services including edge caching, global presence, origin server bandwidth and request offloading and cloud storage, as well as integrated web security, monitoring, analytics and notifications.

Site speed matters. When a page takes longer than four seconds to load, over 60% of shoppers leave. Don’t lose customers because your site isn’t fast enough.

YOTTAA delivers:

Optimized third party technologies
Super-fast page loads
Higher site conversions
Easy implementation fast ROI

Because the CDN market has become highly specialized, it is important to look at the problem(s) your business is looking to solve.  Most CDN providers offer basic services that ensure efficient delivery and routing, content acceleration and digital data protection, and attempt to differentiate by focusing on one or more key areas:

  • Dynamic Applications – dynamically generated content which cannot be cached, requires a high degree of agility plus specialized acceleration technology and techniques.
  • Rich Media Services – audio, video and OTT streaming, which require a capital-intensive global infrastructure to eliminate buffering, errors and experience gaps.
  • Security – protection from DDoS, volumetric and other attacks, which require a managed services approach and robust infrastructure to absorb and mitigate attacks.

Fit for Purpose – What is your CDN use case?

Because your business needs vary by application purpose and target customer, it is critical that you evaluate CDN solutions based on your business goals and technology needs.  Every technology solution must focus on a core competency and set of key differentiators that make it fit for purpose.  That is what will guide your investigations and trial processes – but think of the long tail of complete integration and ongoing renewals.  To be fit for use any solution you choose must provide surrounding, supportive capabilities that can be easily integrated into existing systems.  Today’s web apps require what analyst firms like Gartner are referring to as Web-Scale IT to remain scalable, secure, and successful: a DevOps orientation with native Cloud services & APIs that are easy to integrate and solution-agnostic (read: require no code or infrastructure change to integrate).  Beware of everything-to-everyone product suites, as they lack depth in the form of integrated workflow, function, and data – or the stuff that enables enterprise cross-functional insight and strategic agility.  Put another way, if the solution you are evaluating forces you to rip & replace existing investments, which is different than providing you the ability to do so, that is not Web-Scale. Over time turnkey replacement product suites will become the new legacy technology bottleneck you’re looking to replace.

So what kind of CDN is Yottaa?

YOTTAA is an adaptive eCommerce CDN that optimizes dynamic web applications in a rapidly changing environment. Today’s Customer-centric, omni-channel environment requires that enterprises go beyond maintaining a strong desktop and mobile strategy, to focus on creating a differentiated experience across an omni-channel landscape: desktop, mobile, and beyond.

Ecommerce CDN Stats by Yottaa

Our unique web application optimization platform enables enterprises to manage, optimize and secure critical web and eCommerce applications to maximize desktop and mobile user experience and maximize business impact. The eCommerce CDN technology focuses on 3 elements of creating and maintaining a successful web and mobile presence:

1. Performance – Contextually optimize end-user experience to maximize business impact

2. Engagement – Tune end-user experience via configuration vs. code change

3. Impact – Meet SLAs and exceed ROI targets without incremental costs

YOTTAA has created an open, cloud-native global network that can leverage our infrastructure partners’ global presence for basic caching and specific media streaming requirements while integrating our patented, real-time edge actions.  Because ensuring uptime and an optimal Quality of Service is paramount for critical applications, we also integrated Security in the form of a layer 4-7 web application firewall (WAF), that integrates with existing managed Security service(s).

Don’t rip out that CDN just yet. Evaluate and then decide.

Our patented architecture ensures we work with any CDN that presents a public API. YOTTAA offers standard CDN services like edge caching, bandwidth offloading, cloud storage, origin shielding, etc but can work with your vendor of choice to leverage your existing investments.  Whether it’s appropriate for your business to consider Yottaa’s eCommerce CDN as a drop-in replacement for your existing CDN will depend on your business strategy and your technology needs.  Some of our customers have replaced their legacy CDNs with YOTTAA, while others have interleaved our services with best-of-breed solutions for e.g. media streaming and advanced DDoS protection.

As you hone your Customer Experience and Digital strategies, CDN services will certainly remain a critical component.  But depending on your business goals, determining “the right CDN” (or CDNs) to implement as part of your Business Technology strategy will depend on the complexity of your web applications, and the problems you are trying to solve.  So the question you must ask is, “Can my current investment in CDN optimize those applications?”  If the answer is no, then you need to evaluate your options, and perhaps consider Yottaa’s eCommerce CDN.

YOTTAA is dedicated to helping educate you on market trends and your technology options as digital consumption trends and attitudes evolve.  It is why we have launched the ValidateIT methodology which YOTTAA has been using with customers since 2013 as a technology-agnostic means of proving the business impact of your technology investments.  Our mission is to make your digital dreams a reality and to ensure that you’re comfortable and profiting from your decision.  Contact one of our customer success strategists today for a no-obligation review of how YOTTAA will help you improve your web and mobile end-user experience and drive measurable improvements to your business’s top and bottom lines.





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