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How Yottaa Grew Revenue 700% In 2013


This year, we did a lot of things. But the most important is that we discovered that the key to improving online business is user engagement. Sound a little nebulous? Marketers have been trying to nail down the definition of “user engagement” for what seems like ages, but the real truth is that delivering a fast, consistent, and distraction-free online experience means higher conversion rates, more time on site, and increased revenue.

That’s a pretty kickass definition of user engagement.

And people responded to it. Because really, is there anything better than seeing concrete results in your Google Analytics dashboard? It hasn’t been just a big year for user engagement, but also for Yottaa. This year, we doubled in size, raised $16M in Series C funding, grew revenue 700%, moved to Federal Street (then threw a big party), and launched some pretty spectacular product features.

It was fun year, in which we decided that the right tech is the kind that changes everything without a single line of code. 

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