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How to Prove the ROI of Web Performance: A Guide [eBook]


How much does web performance affect your company’s bottom line?

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If studies by web leaders are any indication, the link between web performance and business metrics is not only measurable, but substantial.  Slowing down pages by a paltry 0.1 seconds decreased Amazon’s revenue by 1%.  Shopzilla saw a 12% increase in revenue after speeding up their site.  And downtime is even more costly than slow pages: a few minutes of site unavailability results in thousands in revenue losses for Kohl’s

Web Performance and Your Business 

These performance stats are not just for industry titans, however. Every online business can2013 09 04 1340 see results from improving performance.  Performance affects engagement across your entire site — from conversion rates on landing pages to shopping cart abandonment rate. Wherever you spend resources to grow your business, better performance will increase your returns.  

In short, taking steps to provide your visitors with a fast, smooth and reliable experience will pay dividends far beyond the initial cost of a project. It will help you maximize the dollar return on your website and web development activities for years to come. 

Breaking Down ROI

“Optimizing web performance” has a nice ring to it, but we know you want numbers.  In our eBook “How To Prove The ROI of WPO” you’ll learn exactly how performance translates to increasing the ROI of your website.  We walk through each segment of your online business, and use real-world 2013 09 04 1341proof points to show how performance can affect your success. These include: 

  • Conversions from paid traffic
  • Organic traffic (SEO)
  • Engagement with mobile visitors
  • Landing page conversions
  • Repeat buying/brand loyalty

We also cover the costs of implementing performance optimization, comparing it to standard development and operations costs. WPO can result in ROI from cost savings on dev/ops in addition to increasing success on the business end.

Calculate Your Projected ROI

After reviewing the stats and the rationale behind optimization, you can use our downloadable ROI caclulator to see how much ROI your own site could get from a web performance project.  The calculator combines all of the aspects of performance discussed in the eBook and shows estimates based on your current revenue and projected improvements.

Download the eBook below to get all of the stats, proof points and actionable tips you need to find the ROI of WPO!

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