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How to Optimize your Shopify Site with YOTTAA and BVA

Nothing drags down online sales like a slow website. As Shopify brands prepare for more eCommerce sales growth in Q1 2021, they’re looking for ways to optimize revenue. Increasing page speed is often the first (and easiest) step towards increasing conversion on your site, while moving more customers through the path to purchase. 

In this article you’ll find out all the reasons why page speed is important and the steps to take in order to optimize it.

Why page speed is important

Page speed is one of the largest factors contributing to user experience, with 66% of shoppers saying they will leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. With high amounts of site traffic this year, in addition to extended promotion periods pulling shoppers in many different directions, it’s important to ensure that your online store not only meets expectations, but also provides an easy and efficient path to purchase.

As your brand prepares for Q1 2021, optimizing page speed will be another step towards achieving your revenue goals. A brand’s conversion rate is only as good as its user experience, and if you’re looking to increase this metric in 2021, fast page speed is one essential component.

How to increase site speed


For brands on Shopify, measuring your page speed and identifying elements that impact page load time is a simple and easy first step. YOTTAA has a fast-working and free RAPID inSITE tool that allows Shopify brands to quickly assess their page speed. 

With the inSITE app for Shopify, your brand can see an inventory of all 3rd party integrations and visualize their performance, as well as violations. This will help to identify any causes of slow-downs, and provide recommendations to make improvements. 

After identifying your trouble areas, you’ll need to install an acceleration tool like YOTTAA’s RAPID CTRL. This type of solution will sequence 3rd party integrations to their optimal positions and reduce performance violations. 

Along with alleviating any site speed issues, implementing this tool will allow you to gain actionable analytics and insights on all the elements of your site that can potentially affect the page speed and load times.


This is where BVA comes in. Like most features of your website development, a page speed tool will benefit from customizations over time. When BVA, a commerce agency that grows direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, implements a solution, they perform ongoing optimizations in conjunction to ensure your site consistently provides value. Page speed is just one element in optimizing your site’s user experience, and it should be an integral part of your overall strategy across platforms.