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New Data-Driven Solution Helps eCommerce Brands Determine Best Site Speed to Convert Shoppers to Buyers

Conversion Zone, a new solution from YOTTAA, offers brands a personalized analysis of their eCommerce sites to learn which site speed is best for them to convert shoppers. It’s widely known that site speed is key to conversions; the 2022 Site Speed Standard reports that when eCommerce sites load in less than 3 seconds conversion rates on those sites are significantly higher than their slower counterparts. But Conversion Zone allows brands to see precise page load times, based on their own site’s data, where most shopping sessions on their sites convert.


 While increasing online revenue is a top priority for eCommerce executives, many are struggling to make this a reality. YOTTAA’s new Conversion Zone solution provides online brands with a customized, powerful tool to determine the exact page load time periods that result in the highest conversions.

Rich Stendardo, CEO, YOTTAA


Each eCommerce site is unique. Brands have needs specific to their product line, market size, and vertical that dictate how their site is built and which technologies offer shoppers the best digital experiences. Different architectures and platforms, the use of video and images, the number of 3rd parties on a site, and unoptimized JavaScript all affect site speed. Conversion Zone helps brands discover their target conversion zone – the site speed where the share of conversions outpaces the share of shopper sessions. A comparison of conversion rate, bounce rate, and conversion volume illustrates the impact being in the target zone has on conversions. 

Image show a brands best site speed to convert shoppers to buyers

You can see in the graph below that this brand’s Conversion Zone is less than 2.5 seconds. Within this timeframe the brand enjoys a conversion rate of 7.79%. 

Graph showing best site speed to convert shoppers to buyers on an eCommerce site

How Conversion Zone Works 

Using an eCommerce site’s onload metrics, Conversion Zone identifies the load time range where at least 60% of conversions take place and the cumulative conversion rate is highest. The cumulative conversion rate is calculated by taking all the conversions in a time range and dividing it by all the sessions in the same time range. 

Example: 50 conversions in 1000 sessions from 0 – 4 seconds = 5% cumulative conversion rate.   

This method works well because it identifies the best converting site speed while accounting for significant volume on an eCommerce site. For more information about Conversion Zone and how it can help your brand, click HERE.