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spotlights shining on Yottaa employees

Employee Spotlight: Peter Karytko

Meet Peter Karytko, the Director of Customer Success at YOTTAA. While running a team of technical experts, Peter’s eyes are Peter Karytkoset on providing YOTTAA clients with advice and best practices on our product, so they are successful in their performance goals and hit their numbers.

What is your role at YOTTAA?

I am the Director of Customer Success. At YOTTAA, I help run the Support, Customer Success Management (CSM) and Technical Account Management (TAM) teams. Our teams help YOTTAA customers be successful by building relationships with them and providing fast and friendly support. We are the technical experts at the company, and we provide our customers with expert level advice, best practices, and make sure they are happy with the product.

How does your work impact YOTTAA customers?

We help customers achieve success with the tool and drive the performance goals they are setting at their organizations! Our main goal is to make sure their users have the best experience possible on their site.

What did you do before YOTTAA that has helped you most in your current role? How is your work at YOTTAA different from your previous jobs?

I started my career in Support at a small web performance monitoring company with a startup mentality. This taught me how to work in a fast-paced environment where customer needs are constantly changing. 

I eventually moved into technical account management and consulting roles, working with large enterprise clients. While in these roles, I got to experience several company mergers and the transition from a smaller company, where everyone contributes no matter their role, to a very structured and siloed company. Going through that experience, and coming up through the support space, helps to guide me in my role at YOTTAA to provide fast, quality support that can scale with our clients’ needs.

What do you like about your work at YOTTAA?

The products that I previously worked with only told you if there was a problem. It didn’t fully solve the performance issues. YOTTAA’s products are exciting to me because they do both.  They can tell you there is an issue, but the core goal is to solve your performance problems.

What has been your favorite project at YOTTAA? / Do you have a favorite project you are most proud of?

As YOTTAA is constantly growing, I am working on making sure our team is scaled for our future customers, so we can continue to give the best level of support as we get more clients of all sizes. Setting that structure and executing on it is essential, and I will be the proudest of this project.

What advice do you have for others wanting to enter this profession?

If you want to be in a customer-forward role, communication is key. The biggest part of that is the ability to listen to and understand the customers’ needs. Not trying to overpower them with your knowledge, but really trying to read between the lines to get to the root problem or goal. This can also get you through some tough conversations with hostile customers.

What makes YOTTAA a great place to work?

The culture. I think it has a big West Coast tech company feel with a small, everyone helps out, culture. You can bounce ideas and questions off the CTO or CEO and get quick responses. It’s refreshing after coming from a larger company. 

What do you do when you’re not at the office?

Right now, I have a one-year-old daughter! If I have any downtime I am usually trying to stay active. Recreational activities like golf, corn hole, hiking, video games, etc. are my favorite.  However, right now, my focus is on my family and my daughter which has been very rewarding!