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spotlights shining on Yottaa employees

Employee Spotlight: Katie McMenamin, Manager of H.R. and Culture

Photo of Katie McMenamin and her family

This month’s Employee Spotlight is on Katie McMenamin, Manager of H.R. and Culture at YOTTAA. Katie thrives on building relationships with YOTTAA employees and making sure they have the resources they need to achieve their career goals. She is also passionate about creating a great workplace culture where employees feel supported and empowered.  Read on to learn more!

What is your role at YOTTAA?  

I am the Manager of HR and Culture here at YOTTAA.  I handle all employee relations as well as implement HR processes and strategies to support the company’s current workforce and growth strategies.   

How do you contribute to YOTTAA’s mission of helping eCommerce brands?  

I believe in order for us to succeed in the company’s mission, YOTTAA employees should love to work here.  I’m always striving to improve the company culture and make sure that employees have what they need to be successful.  

What is your favorite part about working with YOTTAA employees? 

The people. I love being one of the first people new employees meet when they start at YOTTAA. It’s amazing to connect with employees early on and understand their goals, see them grow, and then continue to support them throughout their careers. I find it extremely rewarding. 

What did you do before YOTTAA that has helped you most in your current role?

I previously worked in the hospitality industry as a Catering Sales Manager.  found that I cared more about helping and developing my team than my next sale, so I knew it was time to pivot.  I had always been interested in Human Resources.  The opportunity at YOTTAA has been a perfect fit. The hospitality industry made me detailed oriented and built my work ethicbut now spend my days doing a job I am really passionate about.   

What do you like most about your job at YOTTAA?  

We have a special team hereThis year my focus has been putting a lot of resources into employee engagement. Another focus of mine is to constantly improve culture. Even if everyone feels the culture is great, there is always room for improvement.

What brief advice do you have for others wanting to enter this profession?  

Keep an open mind and be a sponge.  HR is an amazing profession, but you do have to handle all types of situations.  You learn a lot from experience. 

What makes YOTTAA a great place to work?  

As an individual, I feel lucky. I have a job that I love at a fantastic company. The support and the growth that I have seen in my own career, as well as in those of others, is amazing.  

What do you do when you’re not at the office?  

I’m with my girls! I have two daughters, 4 and 2 years old, and they keep us busy.  When they are not in school or at their activities, we spend a lot of time up on Lake Winnipesaukee! 

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