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eCommerce Speed Hub: Enabling Online Brands to Learn About and Benchmark their Site’s Performance

The eCommerce Speed Hub, powered by industry data, is a new educational microsite partially sponsored by YOTTAA. This aggregated content and resource center provides benchmarking data and the latest news and trends for all things related to site speed, online conversions, and shopper experience.  It’s a one-stop shop for eCommerce professionals to search common keywords, gain knowledge on a variety of industry topics, and network with other professionals. 

eCommerce Speed Hub Graphic

Online retailers will also find information about the impact 3rd party technologies have on site performance. Most importantly though, it offers definitive proof that site speed directly impacts conversion rates. 

The Site Speed Standard on the eCommerce Speed Hub

The Speed Hub is home to the Site Speed Standard which contains data from over 200 sites YOTTAA has optimized and accelerated. This provides online retailers the ability to quantify the impact site speed has on their conversion rates and overall shopper experience against the data of many leading brands.  

Born out of necessity, the Site Speed Standard fills a gap that has existed for far too long in the industry: no direct way for brands to see the relationship between site speed, conversion, and shopper experience on their sites. Retailers now have access to benchmarking data that will allow them to know how their sites stack up against the competition. 

Check out the eCommerce Speed Hub today to start learning, analyzing, and networking!