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BRIT Awards Were Destined To Succeed With Yottaa

We don’t have forever, baby daylight’s wasting

Each year in February, The BRIT Awards brings music talent, industry bigwigs and die-hard fans together for the largest music event in the UK. And each year, they face immediate risk of slowdowns and potential downtime on their official website due to huge spikes in traffic, which no visitor will wait around for. The televised event drives millions of visitors to the official website,, where users can participate in live voting, watch videos from the event, and enter competitions to win show-related prizes, so keeping the website up and fast to engage visitors is crucial.

In the darkest night I’ll scale my website 100x

This year, The BRIT Awards met massive increases in traffic and maintained high performance on its website throughout its awards season using Yottaa’s scalability and performance solutions in our cloud infrastructure.

“During our broadcast, our online audience jumps by 100x within a matter of hours,” says Giuseppe De Cristofano, Digital and Technology Manager at BRITs Awards Ltd, “which makes scaling our biggest challenge. If we slow down or crash we lose our biggest opportunity to engage with the audience.”


Indy Kambo of Internap and Eric Anderson of Yottaa at the live event in February

Nobody sees what we see… because it’s all in the back end

The BRIT Awards has had issues with slowdowns and downtime in the past, but hasn’t encountered any issues since moving to Yottaa. “With Yottaa we simply don’t have to spend time and energy on preparing our infrastructure for the traffic hit,” says Giuseppe, “and that gives us the opportunity to focus our attention on executing on the many other aspects of our web presence and broadcast.”

In using Yottaa, The BRIT Awards was able to meet traffic demands, keep visitors on-site and engaged, and promote additional marketing campaigns without changing a line of code or beefing up their infrastructure. With our cloud-based infrastructure in place, potential back end bottlenecks were eliminated and invisible to any users!

And in return, one of our own got to see Beyonce perform live.


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