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Application Performance Trends: May 17, 2015

Hello there and Happy Sunday! We are excited to bring you this week’s recent web app performance trends. This week Yottaa has released articles on content delivery networks and news on Google’s shutter page speed tool.

Application Performance Trends

Are you someone that values delivering an incredible customer experience? Well then we have the blog article for you!

The Adaptive CDN Approach to Dynamic Caching Challenge

This blog describes how you must ensure consistent availability/uptime and dish out content to create a great customer experience. The article describes a newer approach to content delivery and the benefits of using this method.

Networks have sped up dramatically in past years but that is only one part of optimizing the end-user experience. The article describes how you must move beyond traditional content delivery networks and move on to adaptive CDN in order to deliver quality content.

Web Performance News: Google to Shutter PageSpeed Tool on August 3rd

Major news broke in the web performance world last week following an announcement from Google. Learn how this Google’s decision to discontinue the tool “PageSpeed Insights” will impact the web performance world. How should you tackle modern web perfomance and what approach is best? We give you the details in this article.

We hope that you find the article useful and instructive when it comes to delivering content that your users will love. If you are looking for more great articles to read please visit The Yottaa Blog and catch up on all the application performance trends!

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