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Application Performance Trends July 26, 2015

Happy Sunday! This past couple of weeks has been exciting for the eCommerce space. With the announcement of Amazon’s “Prime Day”, online retail fanatics were buzzing with excitement. We weighed in on the topic and how it relates to the future of eCommerce last week. Also, if you’re looking for some assistance in your conversion rate optimization or user experience tactics – look no further. We compiled expert resources and advice on both topics right here in the Yottaa blog. So sit back and take some time out to catch up on some great insights and recent news!

Recent Application Performance Trends

6 Top Resources for eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ve compiled 6 of the best resources for optimizing eCommerce conversion rates. Professionals who are focused on growing a successful retail business need to leverage every insight from the experts. This list of resources includes guides, articles and some of the best content by eCommerce optimization influencers. Learn how to increase sales with the best practices and tips provided in each of these 6 resources. Click here to read the full article.

Amazon’s Prime Day Ups eCommerce Ante, Walmart Responds

Amazon surprised everyone with the announcement of “Prime Day”. This one-day shopping day commenced on July 15, 2015, and was Amazon’s take on the ultimate Black Friday shopping extravaganza. Walmart quickly countered and announced its own online “rollback” event with no membership required. Is this the future of eCommerce? Read the full article here.

5 Eye Opening Questions to Ask About Your Site’s User Experience

Marketers and UX experts will wade through oceans of analysis and research, but sometimes the most effective means to improve user experience is to take a more simple approach. Ask yourself these 5 questions about your website’s user experience and find out the top techniques you should start with for optimization. Read the full article here.


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