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7 eCommerce Conversion Rate Blogs You Should Be Reading


We’re all busy with the demands of our jobs, but just staying afloat isn’t enough. Today with ever-changing technology and an increased sense of competition within the marketplace, it’s important to set aside dedicated time for continuous education. How does an eCommerce organization stay on top of it all? A good way to keep learning and keep those conversion rates up is to subscribe to a few blogs, and make sure you spend a few minutes a day keeping up date. To help get your started, here are the top 7-eCommerce blogs you should be reading if you want to increase conversion rates.

7 eCommerce Conversion Rate Blogs We Love

1. WiderFunnel Marketing Inc. Blog

Looking for ways to improve your landing pages in order to increase conversions? WiderFunnel Marketing Inc is the global leader in Landing Page Optimization. Landing page optimization is imperative for eCommerce to make sales and bring contacts further down the marketing funnel. Subscribing to WiderFunnel will certainly increase your perception on how to create landing pages that create leads. WiderFunnel produces about 3 to 4 blog articles a month.

2. Unbounce Blog

The Unbounce Blog is also a great place to read if you are looking to improve your landing pages. The Unbounce site helps marketers build optimized landing pages with the added advantage of being able to test them. The allowance of this assistance and testing makes Unbounce a great resource for any marketer trying to boost conversion rates on their landing page.

3. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog

Looking for a wider variety of marketing information? HubSpot’s blog features a wide mix of inbound marketing strategies that cover different subjects such as social, analytics, blogging best practices, email advice, and much more. HubSpot is an excellent resource for those looking for a more detailed look at inbound marketing and all of its facets. HubSpot is great if you are looking for frequency. They publish about 13 blogs per week and have over 18,000 subscribers clinging onto every word. 

4. ConversionXL Blog

If you want more research-based reading material, try ConversionXL. This blog provides users with actionable conversion rate advice. They base their best practices off of research and have a deep understanding of the science behind boosting up your conversion rates. ConversionXL steadily produces blog articles about once per week.

5. Invesp Blog

Invesp is an optimization software provider. Their blog covers a wide range of eCommerce tactics. Their blog articles range from increasing your conversion rates by improving your landing page, all the way to the best practices when blogging for eCommerce. The Invesp Blog also post regularly about once per week.

6. Get Elastic Blog

The number 1 subscribed to blog about eCommerce is the Get Elastic Blog. Their blog article’s topics focus on how organizations can find better ways to manage their digital relationships. They cover other topics such as browser usability and even technical advice. The Get Elastic Blog has over 8,000 blog subscribers. They publish new posts about twice per week.

7. KISSmetrics Marketing Blog

If you are looking for a blog that talks a little bit more about the numbers behind it all, you should try KISSmetrics. Their blog articles talk about how to use analytics to optimize your organization’s eCommerce web page. More than 8,000 people are subscribed to their blog and they publish about 5 blogs a week.

By keeping up with these blogs you can stay up to date on the latest conversion rate trends and best practices. If you keep yourself updated on the latest conversion rate best practices you will position yourself ahead of your competitors and on track to drive more revenue from your application.

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