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6 Easy Ways to Improve your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Having a great product does not always result in high eCommerce conversion rates. We are in the age of the customer and web applications must appeal to them or they will shop somewhere else. But what can you do when your conversion rates are dismal? Luckily there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your eCommerce conversion rates increase over time. Try out these six tips and you are sure to see an increase in your metrics.

1. Make the Check Out More Visual 

You want to make your eCommerce application visual and easy for a user to understand. If a user does not know how far they are along the check out they may get frustrated and abandon your site for another with a simpler checkout path. According to Matthew Brown from the PFSweb Inc. Blog “One of the main reasons consumers abandon the checkout process is because they don’t know how far into the process they are. A “checkout progress bar” in place of the site navigation can remedy this concern and some online retail sites even allow for the checkout process to be resumed at a later date.”

2. Incorporating Video

Sometimes when consumers are exploring eCommerce web applications they want more than just a picture of what they are buying. Utilizing a video of your product or service can reassure your visitors of what you are delivering. Matt Janaway of Search Engine People said “Video also conveys a better image of your company while helping to build trust and create a professional image for your brand.” Remember, when adding video or images to your application always keep in mind page load time – this Yottaa article gives you the tips you need to stay on top.

3. Optimizing for Mobile

In today’s market, if you are not optimized for mobile, you might as well call it quits right now. Custora said “one third of all eCommerce purchases were made on a smartphone during the 2013 holiday shopping season”. That estimate has gotten larger over the past two years. It has become easier for page visitors to make their purchases via mobile or tablet. If your application is not optimized for mobile your visitors will seek their products or services elsewhere. Learn more about optimizing for mobile experience in this free 5-day email course.

4. Increase Your Application Speed

The slightest delay in the online customer journey can result in a massive drop off in conversion rates. Application speed may not be as important as providing an incredible user experience, but you do not want to keep your customers waiting around forever for your checkout page to load. There are many different techniques for identifying and fixing problems that may cause slow application speed. Andy Gibson recommends “running your website through Google PageSpeed Insights. It will scan your site and offer recommendations for speeding up your website. Pass the recommendations over to your development team.” Once you have identified what is affecting your application speed you will be able to fix it and significantly boost conversion rates. Get started with the ultimate checklist for web performance optimization.

5. Utilize Dynamic Pages

Is your web and mobile application personalized for your customers? KISSmetrics says, “59% of online shoppers say it is easier to find interesting products on personalized e-commerce stores, and 45% are more likely to shop on a store that offers personalized recommendations.” Creating a unique shopping experience for your visitors is just as important as speeding up your application or making it accessible through mobile. The more personal you get with your visitors, the more your conversion metrics will go up. Dynamic experience vs. good hospitality – here’s what you need to know.

6. Using Free & Fast Shipping

Alex Pinto at Yottaa says, “One of the first things a customer considers when they visit an online retail application is whether or not they offer free shipping. For many, no free shipping equals no purchase. Retailers need to be aware of this in order to be competitive with other online retailers.” If you do not jump on the idea of free and fast shipping someone else will. When that other web application uses it that is where your shoppers are going to go. According to Forrester Research, “75% of consumers would buy from another retailer that offers the same product but with free, two to three-day expedited shipping. If you don’t keep your shipping rates up to par with your competitors, you’ll be sure to lose conversions.”

Using any one of these tips and tricks will improve your eCommerce conversion rate. Take your time and experiment with these different solutions to improve your website. If you are still looking for some more tips on what you can do to get more visitors you can check out our free Ebook that include 5 simple tactics to help you continue to improve your conversion rates.

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