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Yottaa Optimizes Fathead’s Mobile User Experience

The Industry Leader in Graphics and Décor Significantly Decreases Page Load Time and Increases Revenue-Per-Visitor for Its Mobile Presence

Boston, MA — February 23, 2015 — Yottaa, the leading cloud platform for optimizing User Experience on web and mobile applications, today announced that Fathead, the leading brand of officially licensed graphics and more, has experienced impressive business results after implementing Yottaa’s solutions to optimize end user experience. Yottaa was a key component in the launch of a responsive web design by the décor giant.

To accommodate its mobile shoppers, Fathead leveraged a responsive web design strategy to re-size its application for mobile users. However, once the responsive design was in place, Fathead noticed that page load times for mobile users were slower than expected. This latency was a result of Fathead’s wide-screen optimized website being downloaded and reformatted across weak mobile networks and onto less powerful mobile devices. Slow load times, especially for mobile shoppers, could potentially affect Fathead’s bottom line.

Since deploying Yottaa, Fathead has been able to transform web pages in real time and prioritize page content to be lighter, significantly speeding up time-to-interact with its users, a key factor for online retailers to successfully engage with shoppers. Through application optimization from Yottaa, Fathead’s web pages are now quicker to load, especially on mobile devices, and user engagement has improved markedly.

“Fathead looked at a number of web application optimization solutions, vetting each thoroughly. We understood that the fundamental flaw in responsive design, especially for mobile, is that you send everything and then hide a bunch of things. Yottaa attacked that problem at its core,” said Michael Layne, Director of Internet Marketing, Fathead. “Yottaa looks at the viewport first and then says “tell me what you need.” It’s such a simple thing, when you think about it, but getting it right takes real understanding and technological acumen, the kind Yottaa has mastered and continues to refine. With this approach, and Fathead mobile get a much better end user experience with greater performance and personalization.”


Since implementing Yottaa, Fathead has experienced significant improvements in application performance and end user engagement, including:

  • 37% decrease in page load time
  • 53% decrease in page weight
  • 16% increase in revenue-per-visitor

“The bulk of Fathead’s sales come through its e-commerce site, so it is imperative that it optimizes end user experience for across all devices,” said Vick Viren Vaishnavi, President and CEO of Yottaa. “By deploying Yottaa, Fathead has been able to significantly improve end user experience for its mobile customers and increase its revenue-per-visitor rate by 16%. In addition, in less than a month, Fathead’s revenue increase was able to cover the cost of on-boarding Yottaa.”

About Yottaa

Yottaa provides a leading cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end user experience in real time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligence architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end user experience in real time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. With on-boarding times as low as 10 days using the Yottaa cloud service, customers have seen dramatic improvements across key metrics such as Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73% and Conversion Rate by 20%. Visit to learn about what Yottaa can do for you to drive business impact for your online and mobile presence

About Fathead LLC

Fathead LLC is the industry leader of graphics products for large & small spaces led by authentic, officially licensed sports & entertainment graphics.  Fathead gives fans the opportunity to feel passion For Real by bringing their favorite inspiration to life. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Fathead manufactures all products in the USA and Canada for purchase worldwide. Fathead carries thousands of images and maintains over 750 license agreements with leading consumer brands across many industries and professional sports leagues.  For more information, visit Connect with us on Facebook, Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Fathead. FOR REAL.

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