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Yottaa Introduces Rapid CTRL To Optimally Increase The Performance Of Third Party eCommerce Applications

New Product Helps Online Retailers Improve Website Speed And Increase Conversion Rates

Waltham, MA—March 15, 2017—Yottaa, Inc., the leading SaaS platform for accelerating eCommerce, today launched Rapid CTRL, a new solution to help online retailers improve web performance by better managing and sequencing third party eCommerce applications.

In a recent study on the impact of third party eCommerce applications, Yottaa evaluated over 600 sites to determine how those applications affected web performance. Findings from the study concluded that 80% of retail websites had over 62,500 third party violations per hour. These violations, which directly impact both website performance and online conversions, occur when applications take an extended time to load, are very large in size, fail to load, or block an entire page from loading completely. The study also concluded that an average eCommerce website has over 1.5 million third party violations per day, resulting in 1,900 minutes of customer time lost.

Combining third party control, acceleration capabilities, actionable analytics, and simple deployment, Rapid CTRL enables online retailers to accelerate, optimize, and sequence their sites in a matter of hours. The end result is reduced third party violations, thousands of hours of shopper time saved, and increased conversions. On average, customers that have deployed Yottaa’s Rapid technology have been able to avoid millions of violations, decrease page load time by 3.27 seconds, and increase conversion rates by 10.2%.

3rd Party Control
Rapid CTRL enables retailers to take control of their 3rd party eCommerce applications to improve performance and user experience across all of their retail sites. Rapid CTRL allows eCommerce sites to:

  • Take control of 3rd parties by building an inventory to understand what technologies are being utilized, how they are performing, and what violations are occurring on their sites
  • Optimize 3rd party service use and increase conversions with an easy to use management interface
  • Gain complete control over web page speed through tunable business rules and performance for any site, 3rd party application, or device
  • Audit their entire site and provide notifications of any new, deleted, or modified 3rd party technologies in real time

Speed = Conversion
Rapid CTRL utilizes Yottaa’s patented application sequencing, context intelligence, and responsive imaging technologies which have been in use on over 600+ ecommerce sites to decrease page load time by over 40%. Through Yottaa’s proven technologies, Rapid CTRL significantly accelerates page load speed to improve user experience and increase conversion rates and online revenue. In order to maximize performance, Rapid CTRL provides recommendations and pre-tuned configurations to bring best practice learning to Yottaa’s turnkey solution.

Benchmark Against the Industry
Visibility and performance management of 3rd party eCommerce technologies are an exploding challenge for online retailers. Rapid CTRL provides unprecedented, actionable insight into an eCommerce site with real-time understanding of performance, violations, and most importantly – errors that can impact user experience. Through Rapid CTRL’s real-time analytics, retailers can gain knowledge on how they compare to the industry, such as if their 3rd party applications are slower than the industry averages for the same 3rd party. Rapid CTRL not only provides deep visibility and insight into the performance of an eCommerce site, it also gives the ability to take immediate action to remediate any performance violations.

Simple Deployment
Rapid CTRL is deployed using a Java Script that is directly inserted into an eCommerce site’s code or can be added to a site via a tag manager. This approach enables retailers to be up and running in a matter of hours so they can quickly and easily begin to experience performance improvements on their sites.

“eCommerce professionals are constantly adding third party applications to provide more engaging experiences for their shoppers and differentiate from competitors. However, that experience comes with a heavy price as those applications significantly impact web performance, which, in turn, can result in lower conversions and customer satisfaction,” said Bob Buffone, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Yottaa. “Yottaa’s Rapid CTRL gives retailers visibility into the performance impact of all third party applications on their sites and, more importantly, provides real-time optimization for those applications which has resulted in 10% conversion rate increases for Yottaa’s customers. Best of all, Rapid CTRL requires just a simple Java Script injection, enabling customers to get up and running in a matter of hours.”

About Yottaa
Yottaa is the leading SaaS platform for accelerating eCommerce. Purpose-built to solve the website performance challenges retailers face today, Yottaa enables retailers to deliver content instantly across all devices, pages, and browsers, through advanced acceleration and 3rd party application sequencing. Leading retailers, such as The Container Store, Hallmark, eBags, Jockey, Billabong, and JoAnn Fabrics, have deployed Yottaa in a matter of days with zero code change to realize billions in incremental revenue. To learn more about how Yottaa can accelerate your eCommerce site and increase online conversions, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.


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