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Yottaa Introduces Google Analytics Integration To Expose The Business Impact Of Website Speed

Integration Reveals Effect of Site Speed on Bounce Rates and Conversions

Cambridge, Mass. May 25, 2011 — Yottaa, Inc., announced today support for Google Analytics within Yottaa InsightTM, its cloud-based Web Performance assessment and monitoring service that helps businesses measure their website’s speed and benchmark it against competing websites. Now, with Yottaa’s new Google Analytics integration, website owners can assess the impact of their website’s speed on key performance indicators like bounce rates and conversions. Simply enter a website URL to get an instant site speed test report with interactive visualizations of the business impact of website speed.

Yottaa’s integration builds off Google’s recent introduction of a Site Speed report within Google Analytics. Yottaa’s implementation expands this concept with additional data insights, metrics, and automation. It uses standard “OAuth authentication” to pair a Yottaa Insight account with a Google Analytics account and extracts key business metrics via the Data Export API. Interactive charts provide unprecedented insight into how website speed affects business metrics, including:

  • How is site speed impacting bounce rates?
  • How is site speed impacting visitors’ time on site, pages per visit, and conversions?
  • How does site speed impact the behavior of visits from different geographic regions?

“Yottaa’s integration with Google Analytics really opened my eyes to the direct correlation between the speed of our web pages and the goals we have set for each page,” said Ben Pugh, Co-Owner and Web Developer, Just Ride!, Inc. “We are a small business and our website is key to educating potential customers about our spin classes. Yottaa’s data visualizations powerfully combine Google Analytics and Yottaa performance metrics in one place, making it obvious at a glance that the speed of our web pages affects both new prospects and existing customers. As a next step, we have applied to be part of the Yottaa Optimizer beta and look forward to making our website faster and improving our visitor engagement.”

In addition to web performance monitoring, Yottaa also offers the recently announced Yottaa Optimizer , which automatically accelerates a website’s speed by leveraging Yottaa’s global elastic multi-cloud network and patent pending web performance optimization technologies.

“Businesses of every size depend on their website to generate leads and sales but, until recently, making a finite link between site speed and business results has been either a mystery or a laborious task involving collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources,” said Coach Wei, co-founder and CEO of Yottaa. “With our Google Analytics integration, Yottaa has not only removed the mystery but has also provided website owners with simple to use and powerful tools to test site speed, evaluate the impact on business results, and then instantly implement site performance optimizations.”

To connect a Google Analytics account with Yottaa web performance monitoring and optimization visit /google-analytics.

An infographic illustrating the impact of website speed on business results can be viewed at Yottaa’s Flickr Page.

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