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cyber 5 leasson learned

Lessons Learned From Cyber 5

So far in our Summer Reading Series, you’ve developed strategies to make sure your shoppers stay on your eCommerce site, and also gained some action items to take to best secure your site. Now it’s time to look at the busiest shopping time of the year – Cyber 5. And as we’ve said, it will never be too early for you to start preparing for 2023’s Cyber 5.

Takeaways from last year’s Cyber 5 to prepare for Cyber 5 in 2023

Yottaa enables leading ecommerce and retail brands to view the performance of their sites, and take action to increase traffic and conversion rates. Our team sorted through all the 2022 holiday shopping data from the 1,500+ eCommerce sites we partner with. We saw several patterns emerge from the Cyber 5 2022 holiday shopping weekend. Here are some notable trends:

Cyber 5 Mobile Traffic Grew YoY 

For starters, and perhaps the single biggest takeaway this year, was the uptick in mobile users. There was more activity on mobile during Cyber 5 week as shoppers tuned in from their couches or on the go. YOTTAA saw 74% of traffic and 64% of conversions come from mobile devices, compared with 69% and 60% for the prior week. This highlights the importance of eCommerce sites optimizing for mobile, and ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience, especially during the holiday shopping season, but also all year long.  

Shoppers Completed Purchases at a Higher Percentage from Desktops 

As far as conversions go, however, shoppers still convert higher when shopping online from a desktop rather than a mobile devices. Conversion rates were nearly double on desktops (nearly 6%) than on mobile devices (3%) Session depth was also higher on desktop. Safari was the top browser of choice for these desktop shoppers, with 46% of sessions, although Chrome had a higher conversion rate (4%) and the highest session depth, a consistent trend from the previous week.  

While users certainly prefer to browse on mobile, when it comes time to finalizing their purchases, they prefer their desktop computer.  

More Site Visitors + More Page Views = More Conversions 

During 2022 Cyber 5, more site visitors and more page views led to many more conversions across the board.  There was a 43% increase in shopper sessions from the week before Cyber 5. Most shoppers went half a page deeper per session as well – session depth increased to 4 and a half pages on average. And the days of Cyber 5 saw twice as many shopper conversions compared to the previous week. 

Black Friday Was the Top Shopping Day of Cyber 5

As expected, Black Friday had the most sessions across the Cyber 5 with 75% more site traffic than the previous Friday. Bounce rate was also the lowest on Black Friday, and the average session depth was at its highest at 4.45 pages per session. The bounce rate during the Cyber 5 was 8% lower than the week before.  

Resources for eCommerce Brands Approaching Cyber 5 2023 

All these statistics from the Cyber 5 are noteworthy, but it’s what your eCommerce site does with them going forward that really matters. Here are three helpful resources to prepare for your Cyber 5 in 2023:


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