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Site Speed Summit: Why Your eCommerce Brand Needs to Attend

What is the Site Speed Summit? 

The Site Speed Summit is a virtual industry conference dedicated to eCommerce site speed where brands can interact and learn from each other. The Summit is one stop shopping to improve your brand’s bottom line. Read on to learn why you need to be there. 

It’s one of a kind 

The Site Speed Summit is the only conference solely dedicated to eCommerce site speed and the impact it has on shopper experience and KPI’s. Page performance is critical to a healthy bottom line, and the Site Speed Summit will offer tangible, valuable ways to increase your site’s speed and provide a great shopper experience at the same time. 

Everyone will be there 

Industry leaders from top eCommerce brands such as J.Crew, Brooklinen, Tarte Cosmetics, and more will discuss the most recent industry trends and best practices for improving site performance. Interactive break-out sessions will provide new information on how brands are increasing site speed, handling high traffic periods, and improving the shopper experience to grow their eCommerce business. 

Learn how to increase your conversion rates  

Recent Site Speed Standard benchmarking data, gathered from over 200 leading eCommerce brands and 25 billion page views, provides definitive proof that site speed impacts conversion rates.  The Site Speed Summit will offer insight on how your brand can use this knowledge to make better, data driven decisions to improve site speed, foster customer engagement, decrease bounce rates and ultimately increase conversion rates. Learn exactly how fast your page load time must be to make sure your shoppers buy and don’t bounce. 

Session Sneak Peaks 

  • The Need for (Site) Speed: The value of being fast, according to 25 billion page views. 
  • How to Successfully Execute High Volume Sales 
  • The Impact of Site Speed on KPIs 
  • Cyber 5 eCommerce Pitfalls to Avoid 


Join us on September 28, 2021 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM ET. REGISTER HERE 

Keynote Speaker 

Chris Maliwat, VP – Head of Digital and Consumer Experience at J.Crew 

Additional Speakers: 

  • Kandice Carlson, Global Retail Marketing Lead, Google
  • Sadiki Christie, Senior Director Digital Development and OMS, Ralph Lauren
  • Kelley Coleman, Executive Director of eCommerce, Tarte Cosmetics
  • Kate MacCabe, VP of Product, Brooklinen   
  • Jenna Posner, VP of Digital, Snipes USA 
  • Colin Bodell, VP of Engineering, Shopify Plus
  • Kamanasish Kundu, Director, eCommerce, Pandora North America
  • Kevin Brughelli, Sr. Director, Digital Product Management and UX, Lands’ End 
  • Chris Lavoie, Sr. Tech Partner Manager, Gorgias
  • Rob Garf, VP and GM, Retail at Salesforce  
  • Nicole Diel, Director, Engineering (eCommerce), Saks 5th Avenue
  • Alex Buhler, Chief Technology Officer, Indochino
  • Debra Sabourin, Senior Manager, eCommerce Operations, Samsonite
  • Alex Dal Canto, Director of Product Marketing, Acquia
  • Brian Uffelman, Security Evangelist, Perimeter X
  • Rich Tawney, VP of eCommerce, VSP Global Retail
  • Caitlin Postel, Business Development Manager, Whiplash
  • Jan Soerense, General Manager, NOSTO US
  • Rick Kenney, Managing Director, Leading Lights
  • Rich Stenardo, CEO, YOTTAA 
  • Ben Trafton, VP of Client Services, YOTTAA
  • Beth Moriarty, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, YOTTAA 


  • Shopify 
  • Nosto 
  • Acquia 
  • PerimeterX 
  • Whiplash
  • Gorgias 
  • eHouse Studio 
  • Avalara 


Don’t get left out of the conversation! Join us on September 28, 2021 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM ET to learn everything you need to know about eCommerce site speed. Register HERE