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3rd Parties

Site Speed = Bottom Line Impact

On average, a typical Shopify site integrates many third-party technologies, and sometimes even more than 120 in certain cases. That’s a lot of power packed into an online store! These applications are like supercharged eCommerce solutions that drive a personalized shopper experience for your merchant’s site.  

The best part? Your merchants can easily find and install many of these solutions right from the Shopify marketplace with just a few clicks and a bit of configuration. 

While these third-party apps play a critical role in driving site traffic, integrating them into an eCommerce site can also pose challenges for your merchants when it comes to page load time. And trust me, the speed at which your merchant’s site loads is crucial, especially since across the industry we’re seeing traffic up 3% and conversion rates down 4.5%.  

Slow-loading sites can lead to lower conversion rates, higher bounce rates, and ultimately, lost revenue. On the flip side, design sacrifices that improve site speed can take away from the user experience. 

So, it’s essential to help your merchant choose the right mix of third-party applications that provide both a fast and engaging experience for every customer. 

That’s why we want to introduce you to YOTTAA Insights, a powerful RUM analytics tool, designed to provide eCommerce brands with complete visibility into the third-party technologies operating on their site and detailed insights on how they impact site performance.  

Most Shopify merchants do not have a RUM analytics tool to provide monitoring and diagnosis of site performance. RUM data tools look at the aggregate of what real users are experiencing on the site which is helpful for several reasons. 

  • YOTTAA Insights enables merchants to gain full visibility into how their site is currently performing. GA (the source of truth for a lot of these sites) samples data, and Shopify’s performance scores don’t capture the full picture. 
  • YOTTAA Insights dives into how third parties and other site elements are impacting page load time. With YOTTAA Insights merchants can receive actionable data to improve their site performance. 

Beyond simply auditing third-party technologies, YOTTAA Insights can equip your Shopify merchants with dashboards to track critical site performance KPIs, diagnostics to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues, and analytics to gain a deeper understanding of how site speed affects conversion rates and other eCommerce KPIs. 

By providing this valuable data, YOTTAA Insights can empower your Shopify merchants to take a data-driven approach to optimizing their site’s performance. If site speed is up, your merchants can create the ultimate Shopify customer journey, drive conversion, and capture more sales. 

YOTTAA Insights is entirely free to use, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. So why wait? Help your merchant get started today and take control of their site’s performance! 

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