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Fastly webinar

Delivering the Fastest eCommerce Experiences

eCommerce brands are all too familiar with the 3-second rule: if their site does not load within 3 seconds, every second of load time after that costs them 7% in conversion. 

We have made it our mission to help online retailers avoid these pitfalls, and know it takes more than intuitive design, beautiful images, and great merchandise to deliver a seamless online customer experience. With the power of YOTTAA and our partner Fastly, an Edge Cloud Platform that supercharges website performance, online brands can offer consumers faster and more consistent digital shopping experiences.

This webinar explores:

  • How fast site performance results in up to 20% higher online conversions
  • The impact that 3rd party technologies have on overall site performance
  • The technology that enables websites to scale with customer growth


  • Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect, Fastly
  • Richard Stendardo, Chief Executive Officer, YOTTAA
  • Ben Trafton, VP of Client Services, YOTTAA