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Tech Talk Video

Tech Talks: Web Vitals for eCommerce

YOTTAA Tech Talks: Core Web Vitals

Featuring Rich Stendardo, CEO, YOTTAA
Ben Trafton, VP, Client Services, YOTTAA

Google released a group of metrics called Web Vitals which aim to “reflect the real-world experience of a critical user-centric outcome.” But what are they? What do they measure, how are they measured, and why are they so important? Beginning May 2021, Google will begin using these metrics as search ranking signals, so eCommerce brands need to mark their calendars, get a solid grasp on them, and prepare their sites!

In this edition of eCommerce Tech Talks, Rich Stendardo, CEO of YOTTAA, and Ben Trafton, VP of Client Services for YOTTAA, walk the audience through what eCommerce brands need to know. 

With the start date rapidly approaching, it is critical that brands begin preparing their sites to improve site performance metrics. As the leader in site performance optimization, YOTTAA can help brands get their site ready. Below are some benefits of optimizing your site for these metrics:

  • Optimizing these metrics on your site will improve SEO rankings and help with customer acquisition.
  • Good metrics will result in faster site performance and better online shopper experiences.
  • Faster page loads equals higher conversion. Maintaining good metrics will help boost online revenue.
Don’t let slow site performance cost you conversions.Let's Talk