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flash sale

A Guide to a Successful eCommerce Flash Sale

Prevent bots from turning your flash sale into a flash fail

From limited edition shoe drops to 24-hour BOGO deals, the flash sale is a tried-and-true tactic for retailers to increase revenue. Amazon’s “Big Deal Day” in October reportedly sold 50% more items this year than in 2022. Product scarcity and customer FOMO drives real results – but if you’re not prepared, your flash sale could be a flash fail.

In this guide, the YOTTAA team compiled six best practices to get you ready for your next flash sale, including:

  • Identifying and mitigate bots to ensure real customers can shop
  • Creating custom rulesets to accommodate increased traffic
  • Optimizing your site for a stellar mobile-first experience

YOTTAA works with thousands of eCommerce brands to deliver better online shopping experiences during high-traffic days, peak holiday shopping seasons, and every day in between.

Download the guide to ensure you’re fully prepared for your next flash sale.

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