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Record Breaking 2022 Cyber 5 Highlights Importance of Optimizing Your eCommerce Site

Another Thanksgiving weekend is in the books, which means so is another record shattering Cyber 5.

This year’s edition of Black Friday exceeded $9 billion in online sales for the first time, up over 2.3% from a year ago. Thanksgiving Day this year saw shoppers spend $5.29 billion in online sales, an increase of 2.9% from 2021. 

Cyber 5 is the five day stretch between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday that account for much of the holiday eCommerce sales.

And while Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are both incredibly impressive in their own right, neither compared to what a mammoth Cyber Monday was.

Cyber Monday online sales hit a staggering $11.3 billion, according to Adobe Analytics, an increase of 5.8% from 2021. Saturday and Sunday during Cyber 5 brought in a combined $9.55 billion in sales. 

Adding up every day from Cyber 5 leads to an earth shattering $35.27 billion in total sales, up 4% from last year, and accounting for 16.7% of all sales during the months of November and December.


With this year’s edition of Cyber 5 generating as much traffic and online sales as it has, this highlights just how critical it is for an eCommerce site to be fully optimized in terms of site speed. 

This year’s Cyber 5 saw a 21% increase in site traffic across the over 1,500 eCommerce sites that run on YOTTAA. With YOTTAA optimizing their sites, these brands were able to ensure their pages were loading as fast as possible, which enabled holiday shoppers to quickly find and purchase the products they were looking for. 

Not every eCommerce website is fully optimized. Over the Cyber 5 weekend, Nike and PetSmart’s websites had several issues resulting in customers taking their voices to Twitter to complain about the website and mobile app crashing.

YOTTAA’s solutions optimize eCommerce sites in order to significantly improve performance, which results in higher conversions and a more engaging shopper experience for customers, no matter the industry. 

With YOTTAA, online brands are able to speed up and control their third parties, site images, and other digital elements, resulting in  increased conversion rates up to 20%. Slow sites are conversion killers, and that’s exactly what YOTTAA specializes in; nothing is more valuable this time of year. 

Don’t let a slow site cost you conversions. Get your free site performance evaluation, conducted by a YOTTAA Performance Engineer for a detailed analysis on your site’s performance with an overview of images, third party technologies and other site elements, and learn how they are impacting page load times. 

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