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5 Conversion Tactics for Retailers from Peter Sheldon of Forrester Research

Increasing conversions is a complex puzzle. At Yottaa we focus on a few methods that accomplish that feat: improving performance, sequencing content, and applying contextual rendering to name a few. But there are many, many more business decisions involved in conversion.  Website design, promotions and pricing, loyalty programs, customer support, and shipping policies all roll into the ultimate customer decision to hit “complete purchase.”


Peter Sheldon is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals.  He meets with eCommerce retailers, the vendors that serve them, and everyone in-between, and covers the full spectrum of strategies and tactics involved in improving ebusinesses.  We’re excited to host Peter as a guest speaker at our upcoming webinar!

The webinar will cover several conversion tactics that are Peter has noticed fly under the radar.  These tactics are proven to be effective but they are not yet mainstream.  They include:

  • “Ship from store” – and how it can literally put a stop to biggest conversion killer of all “out of stock”
  • The correlation between site performance and conversion rates and why fast really matters
  • Why free shipping is fast becoming a consumer imperative
  • How community knowledge helps nudge the customer to the “add to cart” button
  • Why consumers walk away when the buying experience does not meet their expectations

Watch the free recording now! 

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