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Save 1 Second, Increase eCommerce Revenue

All online brands want to increase eCommerce revenue, but is it really as easy as saving 1 second? According to the 2022 Site Speed Standard, saving just one second of page load time on an eCommerce site translates to a 5.7% lift in conversion rates and a decrease of 11.7% in bounce rates. 

Why Saving 1 Second is Important 

The data proves that online shoppers don’t want to wait for slow loading pages on eCommerce sites. When it takes longer than 4 seconds for a page to load, over 50% of shoppers will bounce. When page load times stretch to 6 seconds, 2 out of 3 shoppers will leave the site. This is a waste of customer acquisition dollars and a huge blow to online revenue. 

Longer Shopper Sessions 

However, when eCommerce sites load quickly, brands give time back to shoppers. Shoppers thank brands for this gift by enjoying longer shopping sessions on their sites. The deepest sessions – those where shoppers consume at least 11 pages – have the fastest page loads. The average product detail page on a ‘deep session site’ is more than a second faster than those shallow loading pages. Category pages follow suit, with the deeper session sites nearly a second faster.  While much is made of the importance of speed at the end of the journey, during checkout, it turns out that speed enables not just a successful journey, but a deeper one, too. 

Graph showing page load times and how they affect eCommerce revenue

Shopper Loyalty 

In short, saving one or two seconds on each page load adds up to a lot of time savings, and shoppers use this time to better connect with your brand and your product line. Slow page load times kill good digital experiences, but fast sites give shoppers time to learn more about your brand and what you can offer them, increasing chances they will return in the future. 

Increase your site speed and longer shopper journeys will follow. Visit the 2022 Site Speed Standard today to learn more about how fast page load times can increase your brand’s online revenue. Click HERE for more information.