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How-to: Add Read-only Guest Access to Google Analytics

Google Analytics has grown to become a powerful web analytics tool for traffic measurement, audience segmentation, e-commerce tracking and mobile analytics.  There are many situations that you may want to provide someone “read-only” access to your Google Analytics data, such as collaborating with vendors, partners, consultants, etc.  Here is  a step-by-step guide:

1. Log into your Google Analytics account;

2. Go to the Admin portion, and select the site that you want to provide read-only access for. You will see a screen like below (I’m using my personal blog site as an example):


Web Analytics

3. Click User Management, you will see the following screen:

Web Analytics

4. Enter the email address of who you want to add to the input box under Add permission for: and make sure you select Read & Analyze. Optionally, you can click “Notify this user by email”.  After you click button Add, you will see the following screen:

Web Analytics

Now you are done. The user will have read-only access to your Google Analytics data for your site.

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