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[Video] Top 3 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Brand

Optimizing eCommerce sites delivers higher conversions and grows brands 

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and retailers should be ready to capitalize on the most profitable time of the year to grow their eCommerce brands. To make the most of the Cyber 5 and beyond, online retailers must balance a great shopping experience for their customers with streamlined site performance. Darren Crawford, Co-founder and COO of UMZU, a leading natural supplements retailer, Aaron Quinn, Founder and CEO of eHouse Studio, and Beth Moriarty, VP of Marketing at YOTTAA recently presented a webinar on best practices for growing eCommerce brands which highlighted the importance of site speed to maximize online conversions. 

During the webinar, Crawford, Quinn, and Moriarty share data proving that site optimization delivers faster site speed while still allowing the addition of 3rd parties that make online shopping easy and fun. Faster, smarter, and more secure eCommerce sites are what consumers want and optimization software is the way to get there. 

The clips below offer a quick look at webinar highlights, but if you’d like to view the webinar in full, click HERE 


Site speed is key to conversions 

Brand new data available on the eCommerce Speed Hub reveals that site speed is the key to more conversions and a lower bounce rate. In fact, shaving just one second off page load times offers a big advantage to brands.

Cyber 5 prep 

UMZU began using the YOTTAA platform just before the Cyber 5 last year and was amazed at how much conversion increased on Black Friday and beyond. 


Results that speak for themselves 

Onboarding YOTTAA is easy and has provided UMZU with a consistent 50% increase in conversions since using the platform: 


Proof positive that optimization works 

This clip offers a direct comparison proving that optimizing eCommerce sites makes a big difference in site speed and conversion rate. 


Optimization makes high resource sites faster than unoptimized lightweight sites 

The YOTTAA acceleration solution offers optimization that brands can’t do on their own. Removing 3rd parties isn’t the answer. Fast, rich sites are the key to shopper engagement and conversions. 


2-week trial period offers tangible results 

UMZU saw a 26% lift in conversion rates during their free trial with YOTTAA’s acceleration platform. This trend continued and increased over time once they became a customer. 

Site optimization provides high ROI 

The increase in conversion UMZU saw during their free trial paid for an entire year of using the YOTTAA acceleration solution. 


If you’d like to learn more on how to grow your eCommerce brand, view the webinar in full HERE 


It’s clear that optimizing eCommerce sites is the fastest and best way to engage customers, increase conversions, and grow brands. If you’d like to get a free snapshot of how your site is performing, click HERE