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Speed up your eCommerce website

YOTTAA’s acceleration solutions optimize over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance, resulting in higher conversions and more engaging shopper experiences.

  • Speed up and control 3rd parties
  • Increase conversion rate up to 20%
  • Get up and running in a week
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Site performance matters. We can help.

57% of Shoppers Leave After 3 Seconds

Most of these shoppers will leave to buy from a competing brand, and many will never return to your site again. YOTTAA can get you under the 3 second mark by improving site speed up to 60%.

3rd Parties = Slow Performance

External technologies account for 75% of page load time. YOTTAA provides complete control and visibility for all 3rd parties on your site so you can have both fast performance and engaging experiences.

A Slow Site is a Conversion Killer

Every second after the 3 second loading mark costs you 7% in conversion. With a faster site through YOTTAA, your shoppers will stay on your pages longer, leading to increased online sales. 

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Optimize the loading of all website elements

Through advanced sequencing and acceleration technologies, YOTTAA enables complex eCommerce sites to load as fast as possible. This includes the loading of all website assets, such as:

  • 3rd party Javascript
  • High resolution images
  • HTML, CSS, custom scripting/fonts
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3rd party control and optimization

Brands rely on 3rd party eCommerce technologies to deliver engaging online experiences for their shoppers. YOTTAA provides eCommerce teams with complete control and visibility for all the 3rd parties on their sites.

  • Gain greater insight into 3rd party performance through YOTTAA’s knowledgebase of over 1,000 eCommerce technologies
  • Optimally sequence all 3rd parties through machine learning to achieve the fastest shopper interactions
  • Detect and resolve anomalies in real-time through proprietary AI technology
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Maximize online conversions

For over 1,500 eCommerce sites, YOTTAA has proven that that faster page loads result in higher conversions. YOTTAA not only helps brands speed up their sites, it also can show them what page load time converts best. YOTTAA accomplishes this by:

  • Measuring page load time
  • Combining session data
  • Determining conversion rate impact
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Traffic and security management

Malicious traffic can have a tremendous negative impact on your business. YOTTAA gives you total visibility into all the traffic on your site and provides advanced security features to mitigate and defend against malicious attacks.

  • Protect against security threats (i.e. DDoS, bots) across all devices
  • Gain greater visibility and control of traffic, device type, error codes by IP, etc.
  • Ensure only legitimate shoppers gain access to the site
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“Yottaa’s software has enabled us to significantly speed up the performance of our websites, which allows our customers to instantly engage with us online.”

Mike Baumgartner, Vice President, eCommerce & Omnichannel, Carter’s

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