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7 Tips for a Successful eCommerce Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most crucial time of the year for retailers, and at the end of 2019, YOTTAA analyzed trends, stats, and outcomes for brands to reflect on in the New Year.  Joined by PixelMEDIA, we combined our key findings into an informative webinar. Below are the top eCommerce lessons to take with you into 2020 holiday season:

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1. Avoid 3rd Party Problems

Increased demand on eCommerce sites during the holiday season has led to the occurrence of performance glitches for many brands. These issues are oftentimes caused by 3rd Party technologies. To avoid these #blackfridayfails work with partners that can help decrease the negative impacts that 3rd parties might be causing on your eCommerce site.


2. Plan in Advanced

Holiday preparations are a lot of work and creating and implementing the correct team is essential. Starting your strategy development and setting clear milestones well in advance will help enable your eCommerce site to run smoothly despite the increase in traffic. Have your team plan ahead by setting objectives, performance goals, and benchmark metrics.

3. Target your Promotions

Retail holiday promotions now span the months of October, November and December. While these do contribute to early traffic growth they can also overwhelm consumers, resulting in the loss of sales. By targeting promotions through personalization technology your company can help foster a sense of loyalty and build a relationship with your shoppers.

4. Focus on Performance

Traffic to eCommerce sites increases dramatically during the holiday season, and slow page load times can turn shoppers away and send them directly to your competition.

Want a quick look into how your site is performing? Grab a free eCommerce Site Performance Snapshot today!

5. Identify Anomalies

Anomalies cause unusual delays in site performance and can be the result of 3rd parties, security threats, traffic, or something as simple as image size and placement. All anomalies need to be identified in order to minimize shopper interruption and to mitigate the negative impact on GMV.

6. Have Good Technology Partners

Having technology partners that can support your brand, enhance your eCommerce site, and help navigate the holiday season though a unified approach will help ensure success during these demanding times.

7. Leverage the 5 P’s

During the Holiday season you need to Remember the 5 P’s: Plan, Promotions, Personalization, Performance, and Provider. Incorporating all of these into your strategy will help you tackle the holiday season and end up on top.

Don’t miss out on even more eCommerce lessons and insight into the 2019 holiday season. Watch the full webinar here. By following these eCommerce holiday tips, you can make 2020 your best year yet.

Want a quick look into how your site is performing? Grab a free eCommerce Site Performance Snapshot today!