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7 Key mCommerce Statistics All eComm Teams Should Know

7 Key mCommerce Statistics All eComm Teams Should Know     

As businesses prepare for 2024, eCommerce teams are thinking about making the right investments to meet the changing needs of consumers. For retailers, that means thinking about eCommerce and mCommerce as part of the omnichannel – or “Phygital” – shopping experience. Today’s consumers expect to be able to blend their in-person experiences with those happening online and on their smartphones. It’s not enough to have an optimized website, a beautiful storefront, or an advanced mobile app – you need to have all three.  

Understanding the trends and insights surrounding mobile shopping is crucial for businesses to stay ahead and provide the best possible shopping experience for their customers. From mobile visitor demographics and frustrations to social commerce sales and consumer preferences, we’ve compiled this list of market insights to optimize your mCommerce strategy.   

7 Key mCommerce Statistics To Know 

1. Mobile shopping on smartphones is on the rise, while tablet shopping is on the decline. Tablet mcommerce sales are expected to reach $54.01 billion by 2026, down from $61.08 in 2022. [Insider Intelligence

2. A survey of 500 mobile shoppers conducted by Dynamic Yield exposed the top frustrations mobile shopping experience:

  • 67% – pages and links are too small to click on
  • 42% – security concerns were a major issue
  • 36%  – said that interruptions from messages, apps and other programs
  • 36% – difficulty finding what I am looking for

3. In that same survey, 57% of consumers shared that a better check-out experience and more  more information on products and reviews would make a mobile experience more enjoyable.

4. The mCommerce experience is not standalone – consumers want to be able to blend brick-and-mortar shopping with mobile, online shopping experiences.   

  • 53% of shoppers want to look at a product in-store and buy it online. 
  • 55% want to browse products online and check what’s available in local stores. 
  • 47% of consumers want the option to check out online and make a return in-store. [Shopify]


5. US retail social commerce sales will total $82.82 billion in 2024, growing 23.5% YoY. [Insider Intelligence]

6. More than 1 in 3 (36%) mobile visitors to a website are from paid channels, like advertisements (compared to 21% on desktop). [LeadingLights]

7. Digital-first brands (particularly those who started during Covid-19) are embracing the physical aspect to meet consumer demands. 32% of brands surveyed said they planned to expand their use of in-person and pop-up experiences. [Shopify] 

Understand mCommerce Best Practices for 2024 

Meeting the needs of consumers who want a mobile-first, omni-channel shopping experience is a challenge. YOTTAA (a leader in ecommerce website optimization technology) created this ebook to advise ecommerce teams in how to improve the shopping experience across mobile devices and convert more mobile browsers into buyers. 

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