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Yottaa for Shopify

2 Steps to Speed Up Your Shopify Site Before the Holidays

Heading into a holiday shopping season like no other, consumers are expecting fast and convenient online purchasing experiences — especially on mobile. Considering record traffic peaks, longer promotional periods, and an early start to the holiday season are all anticipated, Shopify sites are going to be pushed to the max. Make sure you’re ready for anything.

As the first deeply robust speed and site performance analytics solution for Shopify, we recommend using YOTTAA’s industry-leading web acceleration solutions and taking the following quick and easy steps to maintain a fast and smooth shopping experience this holiday season:

Step 1: Know your site

Gain full visibility into how your website is currently performing, and how 3rd parties and other site elements are impacting page load time. With a quick and easy to install beacon like RAPID inSITE, a free site performance data gathering tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain deep visibility into your site’s performance
  • Inventory all 3rd party technologies and visualize 3rd party performance and violations
  • Receive real-time recommendations on how to improve performance

Step 2: Speed it up

Once you know where your site could use performance improvements, it’s time to remediate those issues, and fast. RAPID CTRL is a robust eCommerce acceleration solution that speeds up Shopify sites in a matter of hours, reducing 3rd party performance violations and increasing online conversions. This happens by:

  • Improving Site Performance
    Achieve consistently faster page load times across your entire site and all devices to maximize conversions.
  • Optimizing 3rd Parties
    Identify and automatically optimize the loading of all 3rd parties on your site to improve shopper experience and increase site speed.
  • Gaining Actionable Analytics
    Create full visibility into all elements on your site, including 3rd parties, JavaScript errors, images, and much more.

Set the Speed Bar High this Holiday

Whether it’s our free, easy-to-install tool to quickly monitor the performance of your site (RAPID inSITE), or our JavaScript-inserted web acceleration solution (RAPID CTRL), YOTTAA has the right solution to address your web performance challenges.

Leading brands on the Shopify platform including Allbirds, Bombas, Dr. Axe, Bandier, Vuori, Briogeo, 4Ocean, and Boll & Branch rely on YOTTAA to optimize site performance and increase conversions.

Just in time for the holidays, we are now offering a special RAPID CTRL upgrade specifically for Shopify sites:


Install RAPID CTRL from the Shopify App Store today, and start seeing immediate results!