Ray Stata
Larry Bohn
Dharmesh Thakker

Ray Stata


Larry Bohn

Dharmesh Thakker

Vick Vaishnavi, CEO
Coach Wei, Co-Founder & Director

Vick Vaishnavi

Coach Wei

Vick Vaishnavi, President & CEO
Coach Wei, Co-founder & Executive Chairman
Bob Buffone, Co-founder & CTO

Vick Vaishnavi
President & CEO

Coach Wei
Co-founder & Executive Chairman

Bob Buffone
Co-founder & CTO

Drew Zalkind, CFO
Ari Weil, VP of Products
Peter Papavasiliou, VP of Cloud Operations

Drew Zalkind

Ari Weil
VP of Products

 Peter Papavasiliou
VP of Support and Operations

Ben Trafton, VP of Client Services
John Chiu, VP of Engineering
Adam Hatch, VP of Marketing

 Ben Trafton
VP of Client Services


 John Chiu
VP of Engineering


 Adam Hatch
VP of Marketing


eBook: The New Conversion Equation


Best practices for increasing conversions are constantly in flux.  For this 30-page eBook, we've collaborated with the conversion marketing experts at Distilled to explore a new equation for conversion that tackles the unique challenges of today's web.  In this guide we explore the details of the equation and how it can help retailers take a holistic and measured approach to improving conversions and revenue online.