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Headed to eTail East?

If you will be attending eTail East in Boston on August 19-21, stop by the Yottaa booth for a free website performance evaluation.

Retailers such as Carter's, The Container Store, Lands' End, and many more have been able to improve site performance up to 60% and increase online conversions up to 20% using Yottaa.

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Through an evaluation, Yottaa can quickly tell you how your site is currently performing as well as provide you with an idea of how it will perform with Yottaa’s optimizations. Yottaa offers two evaluation options:

Performance Engineer Evaluation

This evaluation, which will be conducted by a Yottaa Performance Engineer, will include a detailed report on your site’s general performance, an overview of images and third party technologies on your site and how they are impacting page load times, and best practices on how to improve site performance and online conversions.

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Free RAPID inSITE Self Evaluation

This is a free trial designed for ecommerce professionals who want to gain insight into how their website is currently performing and understand the performance impact of all third party eCommerce technologies on their sites. (Please note: The self evaluation provides analytics only and will not impact the operations of your site.)

The self assessment is a simple three step process:

Self Evaluation Process

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In addition to performance evaluations, Yottaa also offers free conversion trials and business value assessments to demonstrate how Yottaa can not only dramatically improve page load speeds, but increase your online revenue as well. With Yottaa you can accelerate your site in two weeks with no code or configuration change.