What’s Really Causing Your Slow Site Speed and Low Conversions?

Consumers have high expectations today. Brands and retailers need to meet them with a site experience that is fast, immersive, and personalized. You and your team work hard to curate a tailored customer experience. To do that, you use chat, ratings, and reviews to help inform and guide them through their shopping journey. But at the end of the day, your eCommerce site just isn’t fast enough – and it’s frustrating. You start to wonder if the platform is robust enough to scale. If it’s not the platform, then what is impacting site performance?


When you add third-party technologies (maybe you call them scripts, tags, or apps), there is a trade-off. The site gets heavier, causing the pages to load slower. So, do you need to remove third parties? Not at all! In fact, you can continue to add more by knowing how to manage and optimize how the third parties’ load.


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of shoppers bounce  when page load time exceeds 4 seconds

Optimized sites save 23 seconds journey for buyers

of page load time latency is attributed to third parties

Every second of third-party latency costs you 7% conversions per second