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What’s Really Causing Your Slow Site Speed and Low Conversions?

Meet high consumer expectations for a fast, immersive, and personalized website experience. Use chat, ratings, and reviews to guide customers. If your eCommerce site is frustratingly slow, consider what affects its performance, beyond just the platform.


Adding third-party technologies can slow down your site, but you don’t need to remove them. Instead, learn to manage and optimize their impact.


Download YOTTAA’s Buy, Browse, or Bounce Guide, featuring data from over 200 retail brands and more than 20 billion page views, to learn more about the impact site speed has on conversions and bounce rate.

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of shoppers bounce  when page load time exceeds 4 seconds


Optimized sites save 23 seconds journey for buyers

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of page load time latency is attributed to third parties

low conversion

Every second of third-party latency costs you 7% conversions per second