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Yottaa’s Holiday Preparedness

The 2015 holiday season is upon us! This year, the Yottaa team is thankful for many things, including the continued support of our customers. To ensure that you have the most successful holiday season yet, and in order to assure you that your online presence is safe with Yottaa, here is an update on how Yottaa has prepared for the holiday crunch.

Our IT operations, networking, security and support staffers have been hard at work since January of this year, preparing for the deluge of traffic and visitors that you and all Yottaa customers are expecting in the coming weeks. Some of the steps that we’ve taken include:

  • Enhancing our geographically distributed failover capability with additional locations and redundant systems which increased capacity by 5x
  • Working with our customers and their operations and support teams, we’ve been adding more granular anomaly detection, notification and response actions
  • Undergoing penetration testing by 3rd party vendors to ensure ongoing security and compliance for eCommerce transactions and other Personally identifiable information (PII) transfers.
  • Performing full-platform audits to verify system integrity, a lack of hardware and software vulnerabilities, and endpoint security
  • Configuring comprehensive monitoring of site uptime, regional availability, network traffic analysis, and end-user performance with automated alerting and notifications for every site across our network
  • Enhancing our threat analysis capabilities with security management teams monitoring and validation of the system, infrastructure and your site’s security

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or Yottaa Support directly. If, for any reason you have to contact Yottaa Support, our contact information is as follows:

  • Support Holiday Hours: 24x7x364 Contact Number (US): 1-877-767-0154
  • Contact Number (Int’l): 00-1-617-896-7802
  • Email Support:
  • Live Chat via portal

We know that the holidays are an important time for families to get together and enjoy good food and great company. Our goal is to ensure that you have the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy yourself and yours this season, knowing that your site is safe with us. Thank you for your business, and Happy Holidays!

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