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Yottaa Launches Site Speed Optimizer

Yottaa Brings Big Site Speeds to Every Website. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer Launches Out of Beta, Supported by New Partner Program

Web 2.0 Expo New York – October 11, 2011 – Yottaa, Inc., announced today the general availability of Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer , a web performance optimization cloud service that helps businesses double their website speed in just a few clicks. Website speed matters even milliseconds of a delay in web page load times can reduce web traffic, decrease time-on-site, reduce the number of pages visited, and ultimately impact customer conversions and revenue. At the same time, most small- and mid-sized businesses have neither the internal resources nor the money to dedicate staff or other resources to web performance. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer offers small- and mid-sized organizations around the globe access to the kind of performance expected from the big sites without the big site costs.

To help bring these performance improvements to the marketplace, Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer is now available both directly and through the Yottaa Partner Program, expanding the reach of Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer and also providing additional benefits to participating Web hosting providers, Web agencies and ISVs.

“Web content optimization (sometimes known as front-end optimization) automatically encapsulates technical best practices for website design, improving not just page delivery but also the speed of page rendering in the browser,? said Lydia Leong, research vice president, Gartner. “A combination of Web content optimization, edge caching, and network optimization is necessary in order to deliver optimal performance for websites. Next-generation content delivery networks have begun to combine all three types of optimization into a single service, and a cloud-based approach to delivering such services can make them accessible to businesses that have not previously been able to afford a CDN or have not found a CDN to be cost-effective.”

Using a global elastic multi-cloud network and its patent-pending cloud routing technology, Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer optimizes Web pages in real-time using more than 100 separate methods. Since its initial beta release a little more than a year ago, over 50 thousand sites have used Yottaa to monitor and optimize their sites.

“Consumer and business users have ever-increasing expectations for site performance whether they’re shopping, using an application or just browsing a site,” said Coach Wei, CEO of Yottaa. “Make them wait too long and you?ll lose them. Yottaa is bringing enterprise-class performance to the SMB market ? with rapid ROI that businesses of any size cannot afford to pass up.”

The company has already signed a number of channel partners onto its Yottaa Partner Program, including Acquia and Applied Innovations Corp. Through the program, ISVs, Web hosting providers and interactive Web agencies can offer their customers instant access to website performance speeds once available only to large enterprises. Partners can reduce customer churn by easily identifying web performance issues and by offering instant turnkey solutions from Yottaa to optimize and monitor site performance. Yottaa’s cloud services help partners increase revenue, lower churn and improve resiliency and bandwidth efficiency by shifting traffic to the cloud.

Available as a free trial (no credit card required) and with monthly service fees that start at $29.00, Yottaa is within the reach of any organization concerned about how website performance can impact its business. Get started now at

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