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YOTTAA Product Updates: March 2021

With the demand for faster eCommerce sites and great online shopping experiences at an all-time high, we understand the importance for us to simultaneously provide the best eCommerce acceleration solution in the industry. To accomplish this, our solution experts are constantly finding new and innovative ways to make our leading products stronger, better, and faster.  

Check out the latest product enhancements released this month: 


At-a-glance site performance is now easier than ever. The new YOTTAA homepage has been released and serves as the landing page across all products. It provides a quick snapshot of the performance metrics of customer sites for all of our product lines (Rapid inSiteRapid CTRL, and Super Accelerator). The homepage also serves as a pathway to detailed dashboards for more specific metrics.  

Yottaa Product Homepage

Tours and guides are available to users anytime for a quick walkthrough of the new page’s functionality.  

Let’s Encrypt Certificate Management 

YOTTAA is announcing a new SSL management solution, and will implement Let’s Encrypt as a certificate authority (CA) vendor that serves as a platform for advancing Transport Layer Security (TLS) best practices, both on the CA side and by helping site operators properly secure their servers. YOTTAA uses Let’s Encrypt because it automatically renews certificates after it is set up once and provides more security at a lower cost compared to other certificate vendors.

Let’s Encrypt enables YOTTAA users to auto-renew certificates every 90-days without any user interventionThe critical nature of certificate renewals cannot be overstated: failure to renew before existing certificates expire will prevent unwanted traffic from reaching YOTTAA’s customer sites (or even a potential outage). 

A new page has been added to YOTTAA’s portal displaying information about currently installed certificates as well as the option to request a Let’s Encrypt certificate.  

Yottaa - Lets Encrypt

For a full run through of YOTTAA products and offerings, check out our eCommerce Optimization Platform overview video Don’t forget to check back next month for our newest product enhancements! 

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