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YOTTAA Product Updates: July 2021


YOTTAA released a major update to RAPID CTRL documentation, updating it to align with recent improvements to our user interface. In addition to updating all documents, we have added a cheat sheet on optimizing third parties that slip past the typical performance rule configuration. We’ve also added additional context-sensitive ‘Help’ links. Look for the orange question mark icons at the top of each page or slider for a link directly to the ‘Help’ topic that covers that page. Finally, we updated the Getting Started with Rapid CTRL guide, allowing new users to more easily onboard.

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WAF (Web Application Firewall) Mirroring  

In an effort to supply continuous high-quality protection for our customers’ sites, YOTTAA is implementing WAF-mirroring. 

YOTTAA’s WAF Mirroring (shown in the diagram below) allows each site to keep their WAF protection using existing proven rules, while testing new rules to verify their accuracy.  The active front-end WAF blocks suspicious requests using the proven rules, while the mirror WAF examines the same traffic using the new rules.  The Mirror WAF generates a report of suspicious requests without blocking traffic.  Traffic evaluation from both the front-end and mirror WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) is fed to YOTTAA Analytics where it is compared and behavioral differences are noted. 

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