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Yottaa Product Update

It is safe to say that the Yottaa product team has been hard at work! Over the summer months, the team has shipped amazing new features that are critical new elements within our ContextIntelligencetm cloud platform.


An update to ImpactAnalyticstm features new dedicated pages to Analytics capabilities.

  • Log Access: Log Access captures every HTTP request directed to a site and aggregates it on an hourly basis. Moreover, the system can be configured to forward logs into an Amazon S3 bucket. This allows easy analysis with a customer’s preferred tools and scripts.
  • Security Dashboard: Yottaa now features a security dashboard to visualize and mine traffic patterns. The dashboard’s real time data display provides instant access to top browsers, content types, errors, countries, IPs, URLs and user agent. Highly interactive and research-friendly, the dashboard can filter data to reveal the root cause of an anomaly.

Origin Shield

As a critical security requirement to protect origin servers, Origin Shield only accepts traffic from the Yottaa infrastructure. Clients can utilize Origin Shield capabilities to gather information and update firewall rules accordingly.

Dual Factor Authentication

To implement an additional layer of protection with login credentials, Yottaa now supports SMS and Google Authenticator for authentication code delivery via Dual Factor Authentication (DFA). Users can be enrolled in DFA as a group or individually

New Roles

Two new roles within the permissions system have been created to enable more detailed control settings within the Yottaa portal.

  • Cache Manager – The user only has permission to flush cache.
  • Security Admin – The user can manage security settings, such as firewall rules and deployment of Origin Shield.

Geo Headers

Users can configure Yottaa to send geographical information to the origin server by way of custom headers. This information is useful to target user demographics and inform content personalization. To utilize this feature, please contact support or your client services representative.

New Look

Yottaa’s popular web performance testing tool,, has a new look! Also, the application has been reconfigured to allow for easier testing and analysis.

Removal of TLS 1.0 in the Yottaa portal

New requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard have determined the end of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. To comply, Yottaa has removed SSL 3.0 from the vast majority of our systems, including all end user and customer facing systems. There will be no change to how end users access websites hosted on the Yottaa platform. Note that access to our web portal at is no longer possible via legacy browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 and above.

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