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Yottaa Introduces Several Innovative Enhancements To Its Adaptive CDN Platform

New Platform, Delivery, Acceleration, Security, and Analytics Functionality Enables Enterprises to Provide Faster, More Secure User Engagements

Waltham, MA – July 28, 2015 – Yottaa, the leading Adaptive CDN platform for optimizing the user experience on web and mobile applications, today announced several enhancements across its platform that will enable customers to provide their end users with faster, more personalized, and more secure web and mobile engagements.

Yottaa’s purpose-built, cloud-native Adaptive CDN platform dynamically adapts to changing network, application, and end-user conditions to maximize user experience and profitability. Using a combination of a profile-based rules engine, real-time application transformation, feedback loop with machine learning, and ZERO code change, Yottaa enables businesses to optimize end-user experience in real-time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. With its latest release, Yottaa offers the following platform, delivery, acceleration, security, and analytics enhancements.

Yottaa’s ContextIntelligenceTM platform adapts to variations in infrastructure, application, and end-user conditions, tailoring delivery, acceleration, and security to changing real-world conditions. In its latest release, Yottaa has deployed several enhancements to ContextIntelligence that enable online brands to:

  • Enable contextually-relevant optimizations, including content delivery, acceleration, and security
  • Target customers specifically based on real-time geolocation data
  • Orchestrate the execution and rendering of 3rd party and personalized content to enrich user experiences without compromising on performance

The product enhancements include:

  • Modularizing the ContextAgentTM javascript library used to create a feedback loop between the user, an application, and Yottaa’s platform. This modular architecture affords additional manageability and control to vary delivery, acceleration, and targeting optimizations
  • Adding real-time geo-targeting data
  • Controlling even more of the 3rd party distributed assets by adding the ability to sequence document write requests, typically implemented by advertising, trust & security, and personalization javascripts
Yottaa’s AdaptiveCDNTM uses a federated architecture to leverage optimal global infrastructure based on content, geography, and end-user context, requiring a fraction of the infrastructure required by legacy CDNs while accelerating applications 40% or more beyond DSA or ADNs. In the first half of 2015, Yottaa enhanced its patented delivery and load-balancing software to enable 3x growth in network capacity without deploying additional points of presence (PoPs).
Yottaa’s patented acceleration technologies were enhanced to further accelerate entire web and mobile applications by:
  • Enabling deep linking and other programs to ensure every page, regardless of complexity or personalization, loads instantly
  • Eliminating the need to compromise on performance or engagement so business users can focus on core differentiation, customer acquisition, and customer retention

To achieve these benefits, Yottaa’s InstantONTM technology has been enhanced to allow any web page, no matter how much dynamic or personalized content is included from any source, to be optimized, cached, and delivered to users instantly. In addition, Yottaa’s AppSequencingTM technology has been extended to control the entire document object model (DOM) and manage interactions between the browser and distributed web infrastructure to orchestrate and sequence how any asset is delivered, as well as when, how, and in response to which conditions it is presented to the user.

In its latest release, Yottaa introduced improvements to ContextSAFETM, the company’s integrated edge security solution that:
  • Protects infrastructure and users from attacks
  • Ensures personally identifiable information is afforded the ultimate online security
  • Guarantees 100% uptime, availability, and performance by mitigating the impact of malicious traffic including DDoS attacks

With the latest enhancements to the Yottaa platform, layered security features now include:

  • In-line, edge protection with Origin Shield
  • Block and throttle by Geo, CIDR & IP
  • Real-time evaluation against WAF rules
  • The ability to intelligently serve validated & cached content
Finally, Yottaa enhanced its ImpactAnalyticsTM solution to add real-time insight into application and user traffic, with notifications and in-line actions to ensure maximum end-user experience and profitability. With ImpactAnalytics enterprises can:
  • Gain an end-to-end view of visitor behavior and demographics
  • Immediately understand how the infrastructure, application, and browser are responding to user actions
  • Take in-line action to tailor the delivery, acceleration, and security of the application using in-app controls or one of Yottaa’s REST API endpoints

The new real-time log and traffic data streaming analytics service leverages popular big data parsing, aggregation, and reporting libraries with proprietary technology to unify infrastructure, application, and end-user data. Moosejaw, an early adopter of ImpactAnalytics, is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer specializing in outdoor recreation apparel and gear for snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping. According to Michael Moore, CIO of Moosejaw, “This feature really solves one of the biggest problems with CDNs in general, which is the lack of visibility. Yottaa has been excellent in customer service, but sometimes we want to evaluate problems before raising an issue with Yottaa and this feature really allows us to do that.”

New ImpactAnalytics features include:

  • Delivery, HTTP, and real browser monitoring
  • Integrated alerts, issues, notifications & in-line actions
  • Real-time end-user and traffic analytics
  • Historical trend and fact analysis
  • Log delivery service

“Yottaa was recently named ‘A Vendor to Watch’ by industry research analyst firm EMA based on the sophistication and deep functionality of our platform,” said Bob Buffone, Founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Yottaa. “With the enhancements, we are announcing today, Yottaa further extends its leadership in the Adaptive CDN market with new innovations across our entire platform. The end result is greater performance and security for our customers and richer end-user engagements for their customers.”

About Yottaa
Yottaa provides an adaptive CDN solution delivered as an application-centric cloud automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end-user experience in real-time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligenceTM architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end-user experience in real-time with ZERO infrastructure or application changes. With on-boarding times as low as 10 days using the Yottaa cloud service, customers have seen dramatic improvements across key metrics such as Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73% and Conversion Rate by 20%. Visit to learn about what Yottaa can do for you to drive business impact for your online and mobile presence.

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