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Yottaa Insight: Performance Analytics Marketers Should Care About


If you are a marketer and aren’t neck-deep in campaign analysis, then something is wrong – a campaign without data to analyze is not worth launching.

As marketers, we are tasked with not only creating effective campaigns, building a brand, and engaging new customers but also providing insightful business intelligence throughout the organization. It isn’t enough for us to know how well our campaigns are doing; we need to be able to share deep meaningful analysis across departments and, more important, up to the Executive Team.

Here at Yottaa we are building a tool that is not only helpful for IT teams and CTOs but also for marketers –
Yottaa Insight.

Most marketers I’ve spoken with since our launch ask the same three questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why should I be using it?
  3. How can I best use it?

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these questions.

What is Yottaa Insight?

Simply put, Yottaa Insight is a free performance analytics service that allows anyone to monitor, analyze and optimize their website. This is perfect if you own or manage a site, but because Yottaa is built on an open database, we give users the ability to look at site performance for any site on the Internet.

You get insight into site metrics such as Page Load Time, Global Reachability, Site Asset Weight as well as many other key factors in determining site performance.

Why Should I Use Yottaa Insight as a Marketer?

I see three main reasons why marketers should be using Yottaa Insight:

    • Marketing Dashboard Reports
        • You create weekly or monthly reports, right?
    • Competitive Analysis
        • You need to know how the kids across the street are doing, right?

Hopefully, you are already working on all three of these, but with Yottaa Insight you gain even more knowledge.

How Can I Use Yottaa Insight to Become a Better Marketer?

Let’s build off of the three reasons aforementioned.

Search Marketing Performance it is as simple as adding in the URL you are tracking, ranking, monitoring or analyzing – that is it. Once you enter a URL, we begin monitoring it and every time you check back into Yottaa, the performance analytics will be available to you. Find out how your home page is doing, analyze a landing page before it launches, or just keep track of all your sites in one easy-to-use UI.

Incorporating data from Yottaa Insight into your
Marketing Dashboard Report should be an easy decision. Your report on Clicks, CTR, Tweets, and Brand Lift, so why not Site Performance? Include the Yottaa Score, and website performance trends, or use your Google Analytics integration and show your boss how your hard work is paying off.

Competitive Analysis or business intelligence is critical to marketing’s success. You need to know what your competitors are doing, how they are performing, and what you can learn from them. Why not create a competitor
benchmark to easily track performance? Simply add in the URLs you want to track, name the benchmark and you are done. As an example, I’ve created an
Agency Benchmark that highlights the site performance of ten leading advertising agencies.

Marketers – performance analytics and site performance are something you should be tracking. Knowing how fast an app launches, how a site performs, or how well your competitors are outpacing you is critical to your success.

Don’t be afraid. Use Yottaa Insight. Start caring about Site Performance.


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