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Yottaa Engagement Cloud Improves eCommerce By 17% For Yankee Retail

eCommerce site realizes significant improvement in key user engagement metrics

Boston – December 09, 2013 -Yottaa Inc., the leader in mobile and web performance, today announced that The Yankee Retail Company, a leading home product e-commerce company, has implemented Yottaa Engagement Cloud to optimize user engagement and business performance. With Yottaa Engagement Cloud, the Home Decorating Company website achieved dramatic improvements in key engagement metrics including a 43% acceleration of Time to Interact, and 8.5% increase of both Time on Site and Pages per Visit, which has directly resulted in higher conversions and increased sales.

“The online home goods landscape is robust and our customers have many options for their home product needs. To attract their attention and convert impressions into conversions, we have to deliver an excellent site experience,” says Justin Potts, CEO of Yankee Retail. “With Yottaa, our users engage with our site 18% faster than before, meeting the expectations of busy consumers. And bounce rates have declined nearly 6%. In this business, those are high-impact improvements. From the moment a user lands on our site until they leave it, Yottaa Engagement Cloud is helping us optimize our site user engagement to generate better business results.”

After implementing the Yotta Engagement Cloud, Yankee Retail saw immediate results in key user engagement metrics, including 40% reduction in Time to Display and Time to Interact. Yottaa also integrates seamlessly with Yankee Retail’s chosen platform, Miva Merchant, making setup easy and quick. “From there, it was an easy decision to choose Yottaa,” says Potts.

After just two months with Yottaa enabled, Yankee Retail has already seen tangible business results. In 9 out of 10 key user engagement metrics, the site has shown substantial improvements when compared with the previous two-month period:

“User engagement is key to online success,” notes Coach Wei, CEO of Yottaa. “Yottaa Engagement Cloud helps web and mobile businesses optimize and monitor the user engagement metrics that matter. Yankee Retail is a great example of this and clearly demonstrates the critical impact of web performance on user engagement, sales and other positive outcomes that result from an exceptional user experience.”

The Yottaa Engagement Cloud is a SaaS platform that monitors and optimizes user engagement to increase conversions and revenue across mobile and web sites. Yottaa’s proprietary Context Intelligence technology senses a user’s location, browser, device, Internet connectivity, and in-page interaction to sequence application content delivery and display. The result is better performance and a dynamic, personalized engagement that increases business performance.

About Yottaa

Yottaa, the leader in mobile and web performance, helps businesses optimize every user engagement across devices, browsers and last mile networks. With Yottaa Engagement Cloud, our customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers; and breakthrough productivity in web development and operations.

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