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Yottaa Customer Perspective: An Interview with Moosejaw

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Yottaa is to see first-hand the tremendously positive impact our technology has to further the ambitions and goals of our hard working customers. Moosejaw, “The Most Fun Retailer on the Planet”, is one of my favorite examples.

We sat down to interview Chief Executive Officer, Eion Comerford, and Chief Information Officer, Michael Moore, at their awesome headquarters in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Moosejaw Logo


  • Official name: Moosejaw Mountaineering and Backcountry Travel, Inc.
  • Slogan: “Love the Madness”
  • Founded: 1992
  • Ranked #273 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide

Moosejaw Masters Mobile with Yottaa

Moosejaw was an early adopter of responsive design to correctly identify the device viewport of a user and resize website content to fit that display. However, the site’s page content itself was not optimized for mobile; therefore, mobile performance lagged and conversion rates slipped as a result. With Yottaa, Moosejaw was able to automate optimization of all content for every device and user context, thus dramatically improving page load times and boosting conversion rates, especially on mobile.

The Business Impact on with Yottaa

+20% Faster | +20% Desktop Growth | +50% Mobile Growth


Check out our video interview with Eoin Comerford and Michael Moore of Moosejaw!

“The critical benefit is optimization across devices… It would be hard for us to continue with responsive design without Yottaa.”

Eoin Comerford, Chief Executive Officer, Moosejaw.

“Our ultimate metric is the same as the business users’. It really comes down to conversion. A more performant site — and we saw this when we launched with Yottaa — improves conversion.”

Michael Moore, Chief Information Officer, Moosejaw.

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