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Yottaa Continues Momentum After Experiencing Explosive Growth In 2014

Record Revenue, New Product Features and Significant Market Demand Set The Stage For Strong Performance In 2015

Boston, MA — January 21, 2015 — Yottaa, the leading cloud platform for optimizing User Experience on web and mobile applications, today announced results for 2014, a year in which the company continued to experience rapid growth in all operational areas. Highlights for the year include record revenue bookings, a rapid increase in headcount, significant new product capabilities and the expansion of Yottaa’s global network to over 72 locations.


Yottaa had an outstanding 2014 exceeding all company goals set at the beginning of the year. Yottaa saw a 138% increase in revenue and capped off the year with its eleventh consecutive quarter of record revenue. Total Q4 2014 revenue increased 43% over Q4 2013, and increased 35% over Q3 2014. Notably, the average sales price (ASP) for Yottaa’s solutions increased more than 100% year over year. In fiscal 2014 Yottaa bookings increased substantially over fiscal 2013 with the number of new bookings increasing by 90%.


In 2014 Yottaa aggressively hired personnel in all departments globally, significantly increasing headcount, as the demand for Yottaa’s products and services continued to be very strong. The company expects to double its headcount in 2015. To support this growth, Yottaa is in the process of relocating to a new larger corporate headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. The new office will contain three times the space of Yottaa’s current headquarters.


Yottaa welcomed many new customers in 2014 and these companies experienced significant gains by using Yottaa’s software. New customers such as Fathead and PureRomance are examples of retailers with established digital channels that saw impressive results using Yottaa’s platform. Fathead became a thought leader in mobile retail through their early adoption of rich responsive web design, but the company needed to further boost user engagement in order to keep pace with growth initiatives and drive the business. With Yottaa, Fathead achieved a 37% decrease in page load time and 53% decrease in page weight. This amounted to a 15% increase in revenue per visitor. PureRomance, a $100 million online retailer, caters to mobile users and leveraged Yottaa to improve average page load time on mobile devices by 44%. Since standardizing on the Yottaa platform, the company’s overall conversion rate of its application has increased by 17%.

Product Updates

In its ongoing quest to help customers deliver the best end-user experience possible, Yottaa engineers shipped several big product updates to the Yottaa platform, including enhancements to its InstantON dynamic content acceleration technology, as well as new monitoring and analytics capabilities. Yottaa also announced several new security enhancements, such as PCI DSS Level 1 Certification and a Web Application Firewall (WAF), to ensure that its customer’s eCommerce transactions are safe and secure.

During the year Yottaa also launched the Yottaa Technology Advisory Council consisting of leading technology practitioners. Council members meet regularly to provide Yottaa with feedback and guidance around its platform to ensure that the company continues to deliver innovative solutions that provide customers with significant business value. The Yottaa Technology Advisory Council members include:

Tom Large, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Vice President of Information Systems, Prudential Financial, Inc.

Troy Brown, Vice President, Sales, Strategic Programs & New Technologies, Demandware

Adrian Otto, Principal Architect, Rackspace

Dmitry Rapoport, Chief Technology Officer & Sr. Vice President of Technology, PCM (formerly PC Mall)


In 2014 Yottaa welcomed new leadership as Vick Viren Vaishnavi joined the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. Vaishnavi has a proven track record of leading software companies through periods of rapid growth. His expertise and vision positioned Yottaa to reach new heights in 2015. Yottaa also had the honor of welcoming software industry veteran John McMahon as the newest member of Yottaa’s board. John brings over 25 years of experience leading sales, professional services, customer services, and marketing teams at five public and several venture-backed, high-growth software companies.

“It has been remarkable to be part of Yottaa’s growth since I joined the company last year,” said Vick Viren Vaishnavi, President, and CEO of Yottaa. “Yottaa’s platform supports CIO and CMO synergy as they align their varied strategies behind common business goals. With Yottaa, businesses can prove that optimizing performance leads to increased engagement, and optimizing end-user experience results in increased business impact. With unparalleled and proven technology, a rapidly growing customer base, and an experienced team, Yottaa is well-positioned to significantly scale the company and redefine web and mobile end-user experience. I look forward to working with the Yottaa team to drive this vision further in 2015.”

About Yottaa

Yottaa provides a leading cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end-user experience in real-time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligence architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end-user experience in real-time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. With on-boarding times as low as 10 days using the Yottaa cloud service, customers have seen dramatic improvements across key metrics such as Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73% and Conversion Rate by 20%. Please visit to learn about what Yottaa can do for you to drive business impact for your online and mobile presence

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