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Round Up: Our Most Popular Web Performance Resources In 2013

executive-leaders-icon-v2_opt(1)-12013 was a big year for web performance (we’re looking at you, and a big year for us here at Yottaa. Between investigating problematic JavaScript, examining the eCommerce industry’s speed struggles, and diving head-first into improving user engagement, we’ve compiled a hearty list of resources. Here’s a look at our most popular blog posts, eBooks, and infographics from this year.

Blog Posts


Benchmarking Performance of 8 CMS Platforms: Who Is Slowest?

Is there a link between CMS and performance And if so, who’s fast and who’s slow We couldn’t find any recent, comprehensive data on the performance of sites across different CMSs, so we decided to investigate ourselves.

How Does Reducing JavaScript Requests & Minifying JavaScript Impact Site Performance?

JavaScript can be fickle when it comes to FEO. In this post, we cover the impact of two techniques that reduce the number of requests for JavaScript files and the size of those files.
Coke, SodaStream & the 13 Websites That Crashed During Super Bowl 2013

The Superdome losing power wasn’t only the major outage of Super Bowl XLVII. Thirteen – that’s right, thirteen – Super Bowl advertisers’ websites went down for this year’s Burst Bowl. See the full list here, plus the social reactions from viewers.

Top Javascript Slowing Down the Web: The Web’s Dirty Dozen

These days, web pages make nearly universal use of Javascript to deliver a richer experience. But have you ever wondered what the impact of those Javascripts on performance might be? We took a look at the web’s “dirty dozen” that are slowing down sites of all shapes and sizes.

eCommerce and Website Performance: A Look Into the Industry

The top eCommerce sites in the world are 22% slower than they were last year. Why? We take a look at the eCommerce industry as it stands today and the issues with web performance, and resulting conversions and online revenue.

The Ultimate List for Optimizing Web Performance

Web performance optimization (WPO) can be a big undertaking, especially when doing it annually. With so many techniques, steps, and all around to-dos, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or forget a few parts. But, as with any good project management, having a plan in place is key – so, we did it for you!

2013 Holiday Survival Guide for eCommerce

Site owners know they need to make extensive preparations to avoid this fate, but how to do so is a different story. Do you load test? Upgrade servers? Use a CDN? This infographic features a list covering the most important steps in preparing for the holidays. It includes an extended list for complete preparation, as well as a last-minute list for the truly desperate.

Key User Engagement Metrics & Why You Should Care

User engagement isn’t just about the quality and quantity of content on your site it’s often much more about how a user experiences and interacts with your site. Since we’re all about measuring and improving user engagement, we’re sharing the key set of key metrics that shed light into how a visitor is using your site and the business benefits you?ll see.

9 Tips to Benchmark Your Web Performance

There’s more to benchmarking your web performance than ranking a handful of your competitors from fastest to slowest. This guide gives you 9 key tips to ensure you get the most actionable insights from your competitor benchmarking program.
How to Prove the ROI of WPO: A Comprehensive Guide

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it’s already losing revenue. Speeding up page load times through web performance optimization (WPO) is the most efficient way to increase the ROI of your website. This eBook is your comprehensive guide to proving the ROI of implementing WPO techniques.
10 User Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

This free guide defines 10 critical user engagement metrics every business can use. From metrics like pages per visit and bounce rate to conversion rate and average order value, it helps you identify user engagement metrics critical to improving your business.

A Designer’s Guide to Web Performance

This eBook gives any web designer the how-to steps, tools, and best practices needed to design and build faster websites and web apps — and provide the best experience possible for your users.

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