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Picture of Chris Maliwat, VP J.Crew

[Video] Site Speed Summit 2021 Keynote Address

Chris Maliwat, VP – Head of Digital and Consumer Experiences at  J.Crew Group (J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Madewell), gave the keynote address at the Site Speed Summit, a virtual eCommerce conference dedicated to Site Speed and how it affects customer experience, conversion rates, bounce rates, and other important KPIs. Below are some highlights of his address. To watch in full, click HERE.


J.Crew Group leverages site speed for great customer experiences and higher conversions

J.Crew Group believes that if they can cultivate confidence, inspiration, and self-expression in their customers through an omnichannel approach to marketing, their brands will grow. Maliwat stressed the importance of site speed to accomplish this and explained how it is the foundation of a great shopper experience. 


J.Crew Group puts the customer at the center of all they do and use an omnichannel approach to meet each customer where they’re at. 


Fast performance and great customer experience are critical to the J.Crew Group. 3rd party technologies help provide great customer experiences, but they also drag site performance down. J.Crew relies on RAPID CTRL from YOTTAA to solve this problem. 


One of the 3rd parties that allows the J.Crew group to build strong relationships with their customers is the Denim Fit Finder from Madewell.  


J.Crew Group realizes that consumers want to buy from brands who share their core values, so they put theirs out in the open. Inclusivity and sustainability are two of them. J.Crew wants to show up for their customers in sizing, body shapes, and colors. This video, a partnership with Tracee Ellis Ross, illustrates that J. Crew wants their customers to see themselves in everything the company does. 


Happy customers, successful brands

J.Crew Group is offering their customers a personalized, robust omnichannel shopping experience without sacrificing site speed. The result is happy, loyal customers which leads to their ultimate goal of revenue growth. 

To watch Chris Maliwat’s Site Speed Summit Keynote Address in full, click HERE. 


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