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Site Speed and Business Metrics #Infographic


Slow websites are bad for business. Many great web performance engineers have been working on the technical challenge of Web performance optimization for years. Lately site speed has been generating a lot of interest from a broad spectrum of professionals.  From business owners to web developers to marketers to SEO professionals – everyone is learning about how a faster website is good for business.

At Yottaa – every employee is passionate about web performance.  Making the web faster is all we think about! So we thought we would have a little fun and create an infographic that captures the core drivers of the increasing interest in making the Web faster.

Infographic – Site Speed and Business Results:


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Special thanks to the Web Performance Optimization community for their inspiration and thanks also to the resources referenced in the infographic!  Feel free to share this with your community and help share your passion for Web performance!

Share It! – Spread the word – help businesses everywhere learn about the value of faster websites! Original Images available on our
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