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Managing A Web Performance Optimization Project


Web Performance Optimization is a broad field that encompasses a variety of activities ranging from testing with simple online tools to wholesale website overhauls and infrastructure maintenance. It’s a lot to manage and keep track of, especially when it comes on top of the day to day demands of your job.

Our eBook, Managing A Web Performance Optimization Project, offers a step by step guide to seeing a WPO project through from beginning to end.  It includes top level detail on each step and offers resources for learning more about every stage of WPO.  With this eBook, you’ll be able to manage your expectations about the time and cost of your project before diving in.

Using this 17 page project guide, you’ll learn:

  • The steps required to plan and execute a WPO project from start to finish
  • How to ensure a return on the investment of time and effort by doing rigorous testing and continuous monitoring
  • Tips for maximizing efficiency and quality in your project